WPML issue: correct language in editor, wrong or original site language on newly edited pages in live version

I have been reading several posts here in the forum that has the exact same issue that I have and I have attempted some of the workarounds with no luck so far.

The site along with WPML and doing the translations worked great until two weeks ago when I added more / new translations to the English version of the pages (the site’s original language is Norwegian). As soon as I edit one of the pages in any kind way, either via Cornerstone or just clicking edit from the pages list, not using Cornerstone or making any other edits to the settings of the page, and then saving the page will cause the live version of the page to show the original language (Norwegian) page content instead of the English version although the URL is different/ correct like it always has been. The English version looks fine in the editor and the edits are also saved in the editor. I have not altered any of the settings in WPML or the way that I create or edit the pages so this error must have happened after an update, I am not sure which updates because this is the first time this year or since early 2022 that I added more content to the English versions of the pages although I can remember updating the WPML plugins and the theme quite a few times without editing any of the English pages.

These are some of the posts that I have read:

I tried all the cache tips and I also rolled back the versions of WPML and installed the listed older versions of WPML from this post which caused the site to give the error message: Critical error on this site. I tried a few newer versions with the same result each time: “Critical error on this site” I tried WPML Multilingual CMS 4.6.2 and 4.6.0. and Media 2.7.0 and 2.3.7. and string translation 3.2.0. and 2.10.4. Same critical error each time.

Then there’s this post: WPML + Components not working
Which sounds not very promising. I am hoping that since this issue is quite critical as sites are simply not functioning as they were when created with WPML and Pro theme this issue might be expedited. Or that you could come up with a workaround that is more sturdy for now?

Then there is this post:

Which by the way is also answered incorrectly as we know there is a bigger issue with WPML compatibility and the most recent updates so going on 4 + months at least I can see this has been an issue for people.

More posts with same issue, seemingly unresolved, aborted mission or found other workaround: WMPL issue , WPML translation pulled wrong text and won't translate , Content is displaying correctly on preview but wont show on live ,

Currently, the only workaround I have found is completely deleting WPML and creating every page of the additional languages manually and manually building out a link structure however that sounds like A LOT of work, and not sure how to build out a functional linking structure in that case. Or potentially rolling back versions until it reached the one where it used to work however I was not successful in that without the critical error message. I have included a secure login note on this post.

site is https://www.showdevida.no/

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Hej @ariellevate,

AFAIK Themeco is investigating into WPML troubles, but it seems to be a more complex one.

In fact currently I gave up using WPML und I personally would not recommend using it.
Lately I converted a website to Polylang which seems to work for my needs, but is not officially supported by Themeco.

If Polylang is an option for you, you will need this plugin to use Header and Footer Builder of Pro:

And I also used this Plugin, to convert all WPML settings to Polylang:

HINT: I recommend to test this locally first. I had some irritations regarding all media files beeing duplicated. But this seems to be by design of Polylang (one entry for each language for each media file).
In fact the physical files has not been duplicated but linked. So deleting one media file in one language, leads to a missing media file in all other languages!
This feature is handy if you want to use different media descriptions (maybe even different files?) for each language. But if you don’t need this feature I do not know how to prevent this. I know you can set it off in Polylang settings, but maybe the WPML to Polylang Plugin does it like this.
And I also don’t know if these language entries for each media file can be reverted.

Also possible that I just configured WPML like this before and I just realized after changing to Polylang … :thinking:

Well, all I want to say is: double check your media files if you switch to Polylang an do not delete media files that seems to be duplicated :smiley:

Thank you for your elaborate reply, I might have to look into Polylan although I was really hoping I would not have to. I’m not sure how I feel about adding two extra plugins just to make it work with the theme, especially one from GitHub, a bit worried about security / future additional updates and theme compatibility issues.
How long did it take you to convert a website?
I’m crossing my fingers the theme authors can fix this fairly fast :sweat_smile:

@Support1 @marc_a @tristup @christian @rad Just curious what is the normal response time for support tickets?

Or maybe everyone wants to avoid dealing with WPML issues? :sweat_smile:
Feel fairly stuck here, currently, I don’t think you can claim that your theme is compatible with WPML and I need to do something about the client’s website, I cannot just leave it as is with the pages not translating correctly. Some help or insight into the timeline for solving this?

Hey @ariellevate,

Our normal response time is within 24 hours. For complex issues such as this case, it could take longer.

We never avoid topics. Please just understand that there are simple and there are complex topics.

I understand, thank you for the update, it is great to know that it has been received and you are working on it so I can assure my client that there is some progress. Crossing my fingers there can be an update that makes the two compatible again, that would be a big win!

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We also have the same problems. Please help out. Thanks

I have this problem on one page of a multi-language site. Just one page. The problem even sticks if I delete the page, and recreate it.

@digiSolve - yes that is our experience too

At our end, the issue has been resolved by WPML - turning off the plugin WPML Media Translation - for now, and saving the page again (clear cache) did help. And now the front end show the good language again.

Hi Liesbeth,

Glad to know that it is fixed now, and thanks for sharing with others.

Hi! Just wanted to clarify that it’s not fixed but @beverinnovations explained a workaround. I found that when I deactivate either String Translations or Media Translation the problem disappears. There is still an issue when those plugins are active.

Please contact WPML with this info. We do not integrate with those directly. Happy holidays!

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