WPML continues to show wrong language

I’ve read several of the more recent WPML language issues as I feel the much older posts no longer apply to Pro version 6.4.x.

In my case the French language page continues to show the original English content even though the footer and header navigation, and the URL all show the French language. I’ve tried creating several pages just through Cornerstone (as documented) as well as through the WPML options on the WordPress page sidebar, and using the Advanced Translation Editor.

Is this still an ongoing problem as of this date? I’m submitting this as a last ditch effort before I abandon WPML all together and simply duplicate pages I need in French. This is a brand new site so pretty much all components and plugins are recent versions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @tashmoo,

I believe the conflict began when you used the WP options in the sidebar and Advanced Translation. Pro does not support those WPML features. Please try creating a page using this instruction only: https://theme.co/docs/wpml

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