Wpml translation cornerstone

Hello, I am working on a bilingual site with wpml. Suddenly the translated page in cornerstone only seems to see the French version of the page. The page is however in English in cornerstone but it displays in French on the browser.

So I tried to create a new one but without success.
Just the French version displayed. Except the page title.

Is cornerstone the problem or WPML?
I updated my site today but that didn’t fix the problem.
So I downgraded for now.

The title is in English but what was updated in cornerstone displays French instead of English

Same problem with my new test page

The translation settings are checked in wordpress and not wpml??

Really strange problem

Hey @zipe3,

Since your site is live, we can’t troubleshoot due to potential loss of settings. Please try out deactivating all WPML addons and leave the WPML plugin active only. This is to test if a WPML addon is causing the issue.


i found this post. And it work



At our end, the issue has been resolved by WPML - turning off the plugin WPML Media Translation - for now, and saving the page again (clear cache) did help. And now the front end show the good language again.

Hi @zipe3,

Glad that you are able to find it and it worked for you.


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