Different Header and Footer For Different Pages


Is there a way to make 2 more headers and footers for our site? I want the new headers and footers to look exactly the same as it does now, but the 2 new headers need to link to different pages and the footers should have different contact info.

We are opening 2 new locations and need to change the content of the site depending on which location they are interested in. We want to create a new home page that has 3 buttons where they select the location they are interested in. From there, the site will look the same as it does now and they will be led to the current home page, but depending on the location they select, the header will link to the corresponding location pages that has the info customized per location.

I know our website is not updated to the current version. We’ve reached out to a developer to help us do the updates since we are nervous something may break when we update. Hopefully we can make these additional headers and footers without needing to do an update.

Thank you!

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for writing in, multiple Header and Footer is possible with PRO’s Header builder and Footer builder feature (not available on X). Please see the following documentation below:

Hope it helps,

What is the price difference between x and pro? Sorry, I can’t find it online. Thank you!

Hello Ashley,

You can check the pricing and feature detail from our site. Please have a look at it.


Thank you!

Is there a limit to the number of different headers and footers you can have?

Hi Ashley,

There’s no limit in creating different headers and footer.

Hope that helps.

Is there any other way besides updating to pro? I am worried to do that since there is no going back to our other license.

I do not have a lot of technical experience so advanced coding or anything would not be a good option for me.

Hi Ashley,

That would require heavy customization to have multiple headers and footers when not using Pro and customization is outside the scope of our theme support. You may seek 3rd party developers to help you with your problems or you can avail One where we can answer questions outside of the features of our theme.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Got it. Thank you!

I think we are going to switch to pro, but I’m very nervous to switch over since I am not very techie. Is it very common for something to break or not look right on the front end when you switch to pro?
(I do have the latest version of x.)

Will our current header and footer remain in place once we switch over to pro? I want to keep it exactly the same and duplicate it for our other webpages. On our new headers, we just need to change the links they go to, but we want the header to look exactly the same.

Hi Ashley,

Converting X to Pro will not affect your default Header and Footer. Please remember that any custom CSS code written into the parent or child theme of X will not be applied if Pro is activated. If you have written custom CSS code into the Child Theme, you just need to download it for Pro and add the custom code into the style.css file of the child theme.
Please find the link for child theme to download: https://theme.co/docs/child-themes

Hope it helps.

Okay, thank you. I’ve asked the person who last worked on the website if we have any custom css code. I do not know.

If I create a backup of the website, then upgrade to pro and something goes wrong, will I be able to restore the website using the backup? I ask because I read that upgrading is irreversible and you cannot go back to x once you upgrade to pro. I am wondering if that will prohibit the site from being able to be restored.

Hi Ashley,

Yes, you can always restore the backup and it will not prohibit the site from being able to be restored.

Hope that helps.

Okay great. If I restored the site to the prior version after switching to pro, would I still have x theme and cornerstone as if I hadn’t done the upgrade?

I updated cornerstone and then restored the site and when I did that, the cornerstone update was undone and the older version appeared. I’m wondering if that will happen in this case too; the x version will appear on my Wordpress dashboard.

Is there a way for you to tell if we have custom CSS code written into the parent or child theme? I know we have some custom CSS somewhere but I’m not sure where or if it’s in a parent or child theme. Would you be able to tell me or is that too hard for you to know / see?

Hi Ashley,

I totally understand you’re nervous about doing the upgrade to PRO, but you should not, unlike switching to another theme with a different author, X and PRO are cut from the same cloth, there should not be an issue with switching from X to PRO, unless there are customization on your site that are specific to work on X, we can help you check your site if there are any customizations to it, if you can provide us login credentials in a secure note.

That is how backup and restore work, it will undo the things done on the site prior to the date the backup was made.

We can help you check the common areas for custom CSS on your site like Appearance > Globa CSS, custom CSS, child theme style.css, etc if you can provide us login credentials in a secure note.


I provided my login credentials in a secure note. Thank you very much!

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the credentials, regarding the backup and restore, yes that is correct, you’ll will see everything you saw prior to the upgrade. Just make sure your backup is a full backup. But now I see the setup of your site, I would advise doing the updating on a staging site first.

That means you need to clone your live site to a staging site and do the updating on the staging site first. Ask your hosting, they might have a staging site feature.

I have checked your site and a lot of customization was done on it, and the child theme is set up being messy, that child theme needs to be redone.

There is a custom CSS under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS keep a backup of these and put it back once you switch theme.

There are also custom CSS on Theme Options > CSS area and child theme’s style.css file. These custom CSS should have been put in one place.

Regretfully, updating your site would be more involved, I advise that you hire a developer to do the updating.


Thank you very much for checking out our site and giving us this advice. Do you know a good place to find a developer that has experience with x pro?

Hi Ashley,

You can contact our Elite Team for further assistance on this.


Thank you. I’ll check this out.

Just thinking of one other alternative to having multiple headers. Is there a way we can create drop downs on the current header items?

Thank you.