Can no longer edit Portfolio Item

Hi. I used to be able to add/subtract images to my portfolio items, now I cannot. Please advise, here is an example portfolio item:


Hello David,

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For portfolio items, you will have to edit the portfolio and then upload to attach the gallery images. For more details, please check out this documentation first:

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Hi, thanks, this doesn’t really help me though. As I said in my post I can no longer edit the portolio item.

Hi David,

Would you mind sharing your credentials so that we can take a closer look? To do that, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

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Hi David,

I would suggest you go through the following video which explains the Protolfio gallery creation and modifications.

I would also suggest you go through the following article on Portfolio

Portfolio Post Type
Portfolio Setting
Setup Portfolios
Create Portfolio Slider Galleries

Hope it helps.

Hi, thanks, I reviewed all of those helpful links prior to writing you about this. However, none of them have anything to do with the issue I’m having. I simply want to be able to edit this portfolio item:

There is nowhere in either the Cornerstone or WP editor to remove, add, or change any of the images, nor to change the image arrangement from a slideshow to a series of images vertically arranged which a user can scroll through.

Hi David,

I have checked the referred portfolio item and found the content can be modified through the Cornerstone and the Gallery can be modified as described in the link and video shared in my previous comment.

Hope it helps.

Yes the content can be modified but that’s not my point, it doesn’t show up in the actual portfolio. For instance I just created this test portfolio with two images, yet only one image shows up. Where is the other one and why is it not showing up? There should be a logo and a t-shirt in the gallery, they’re both attached and assigned to this portfolio item, yet only the logo shows up, no t-shirt.

Hi David,

You have uploaded two images.

And the other image is used as the featured image so only one image is left to display in the gallery. If you upload another image or change the featured image, it will display two slides.

Best Regards.

Hi, thanks, so the only way to have an image as both the featured image and a gallery image would be to duplicate the file with a different name?

Also, how do I change the order of the images in the slideshow?


Hey Dave,

Regretfully, that is the case. And, there is no way to reorder the images. Since the portfolio slider utilizes WordPress Post Attachments, you need to find a plugin that can organize attachments per post. We don’t have a plugin recommendation though.

To avoid the drawbacks mentioned above, may I suggest that since you’re using Pro, you can create a custom layout for your portfolio, use ACF Pro as an image manager then output an image slider using the new Slider element. We’ll provide more details if you’re interested in this method.


Hi, sure, what’s the process for using ACF Pro and/or Slider element?


Hey Dave,

The process would be as follows.

  1. Create a Custom Layout for the Portfolio post type. If you’re not aware of the Layout Builder yet, you can learn from our Youtube video here or our doc here
  2. In the custom layout, add a Slider Element and the Content element below it. The Content element will just output the content of your Portfolio.
  3. Install ACF Pro then set up an Image Gallery for your Portfolio. You can learn how to set up an ACF Image Gallery and output the gallery in the builder here

In the tutorial video, the gallery output is not a slider but you can apply the same to a Slider element. You just set the Slider Container as the Looper Provider.

  1. You can now add images to your portfolio and you can reorder the images by drag and drop.


I tested the setup and that works.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I will try that.

Hi @VaporDave,

Great and let us know how it goes!

Thank you.