Unresponsive navigation, buttons and links after scrollTo-event on mobile

I recently had an issue regarding one page navigation in PRO:

The last update seemingly fixed this bug, but a new one came up. When i open up the site on mobile (Safari, iOS 17), the whole site becomes unresponsive after the scrollTo-event happened once. Only reloading the page restores responsiveness. I was able to rule out cache issues and it seems to be a bug of PRO.

To reacreate the bug mentioned:

  1. Open the navigation
  2. Click on one of the links
  3. Modal closes, site is unresponsive
  4. Reloading the page restores responsiveness

Another thing i noticed on desktop:
Every time scrolling is triggered by nav, it will jump to the start of the site and makes it’s way down to the corresponding section after. This unfortunately looks very glitchy/unpleasing.

Credentials are added in the secure note.


Hey @sparko,

This looks like a bug. I will report this in our issue tracker so this will be queued to be investigated by our development team.

Please stay tuned.

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Thank you!

You are most welcome @sparko

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Is this being worked on and do you have a solution for the meantime @charlie?

this is still an issue in 6.4.6

Hey @sparko,

We will follow up with @CharterHost


Hey @ruenel,

you’re talking about @charlie? Right? :smile:

I really hope we’ll find a solution for this, since it has been an issue for over 3 weeks now.

Thank you in advance

Yes, I am. Sure he will.
Best Regards.

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