Trying to remove Google/Adobe font downloads when enabling Custom Fonts

Hello! I’m optimizing our website (will provide link in follow-up secure note), and I’m trying to figure out the best way to serve self-hosted fonts. I was able to successfully use the Custom Fonts interface, but not sure how to set them to “preload”…

More importantly, I noticed that the HTML source still calls in Google Fonts (Open Sans & Roboto) as well as Adobe Fonts (Reklame Script) even after selecting Custom Fonts. Is there any way I can completely remove these external font downloads if I choose to go with self-hosted fonts?

Warm regards,
John Dillworth

Hello @nolasmiles,

Thanks for writing to us.

I would suggest you please have a look at this thread to learn more about how to deactivate Google Fonts.

In order to improve the performance of the website I would suggest you please have a look at this documentation.

You can also check the video tutorial as well.

Alternatively, you may subscribe to Boost for website performance and optimizations.


Hi, Prakash! Thanks for the extensive reply, and I’ll try what you suggested to deactivate Google Fonts.

Aside from that, how do I remove the residual request to Adobe Fonts? I removed our project from Font Manager, but our website is still requesting the font to be downloaded. You can check the page source to confirm, and thank you in advance for your help with this.

Warm regards,
John Dillworth

My apologies - it turned out that the mystery Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts requests were due to SG Optimizer’s preloaded font settings. Not sure how they got in there, but we were good to go once I updated the list to the fonts we’re actually using.

Thanks for your time and support!

Warm regards,
John Dillworth

You are most welcome, John.

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