Remove Google Fonts completely

hi there,
is it possible to deactivate or remove the google fonts functionality from the theme completely? the goal is, that no google servers are being contacted anymore.
some years ago this was not possible as far as i remember. even with an extra plugin there was still communication between the theme and google fonts serves.
the reason is that there seem to be a lot of legal issues going on right now (at least in germany/europe). lots of people get sued.
thanks for your reply! best wishes, kai

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Hello Kai,

Thanks for writing in! The best way to remove Google Fonts is to use System Fonts. Make sure that the Font Manager in Cornerstone > Theme Options > Typography is turned OFF. And then select the System Font for the Heading and Body and Content options.

If you are using plugins like the Rev Slider or Essential Grid, you should also make sure that it is just using System Fonts like Arial.

Best Regards.

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