Transferring Specific Pages from staging to live in X Pro

Hi, is it possible in X Pro to transfer specific pages from a staging site to a live one rather than exporting all the pages? I get this warning when I try and copy the text/code however would this still work ok just copying the code across and then carry on further changes in Pro on the live site?

Warming - Hold up! You’re welcome to make changes to the content. However, these will not be reflected in the content builder. If you edit the page in the content builder again, any changes made here will be overwritten. Do you wish to continue?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out!

If you want to transfer specific pages from staging to live, I suggest that you save them as .tco template files. Please refer to this documentation.

Once you are done saving the template, you can follow the steps on the thread below.

Hope that helps.

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