Still headers appears and disappears randomly

Hi again.
Some headers will not show up.
I can not see any conflict between headers assigned and wrong prio.
When I did DNS flush cache some showed up but still several does not. Something is unstable here but I can’t find out what it is.
Do we see the same site/page. I tested with flushing again no difference. Tested with google site speed and no header is shown there either. CDN is off at the servers
This is one example

Can someone please go in and look inside the site what is going on here.
Is it possible to get replies by e-mail from this forum site so I dont need to go in and check here?

Hey @svensson,

We can login to your site and check the settings but before that, please ensure the issue is with Pro only by doing the following:

  1. Deactivate any caching and keep caching deactivated while we investigate
  2. Use the parent theme and not the child theme
  3. Deactivate 3rd party plugins.

If those can’t be done in your live site, copy your site over to a staging server and give us staging info/access instead.

Please then provide the following details in a Secure Note.

  1. Staging or Live WordPress Login URL
  2. Admin username and password
  3. Name or ID of the Header
  4. Page URL where the header should be applied

To receive emails, edit your Email preferences to send an email when someone replies to your post.


Hey @svensson,

I see the issue and the cause of this is most probably because you have 40+ headers. In some web hosts, having lots of headers causes assignment issues. It is not recommended to have lots of headers.

If you have similar headers, it’s recommended to the Dynamic Content to show different content on different pages while using just on header.

Please try it out:

  1. In a staging site, delete all headers except the Entire Page header and the allmänna villkor header.
  2. For similar headers, use Dynamic Content to show the content of each page while having just one header.

Hope that helps.

Thansk for this. We were discussion that, that perhaps there is some programming error. I dont like this, we would like to have all these headers and even like 20 more perhaps. Why is it not recommended? What is the real problem with it. For sure it does not slow the site down since I already have 100% score at google site speed. Perhaps I can try dynamic content here, but I would like to now why. regards//roger

hmmm, this will be very heavy work to do. All simplicity gone. Each header has its own merits with texts, images and call to act buttons. I go to the web host instead and see what they can do.

Hey @svensson,

The cause of this issue with some web host is still a mystery to us. The reason it’s not recommended to have lots of headers is mainly because of this issue. Another reason is header management. If you need to change something in the header, you need to change each individual header.

In addition to Dynamic Content, you can also set element Conditions. That also allows you to show/hide an element depending on the page and many more conditions.


I will look into this more deeply later. I have solved some parts of the dynamics with my own methods and that is typically around the menus, so I put parts of menu as global blocks instead exactly of that reason you mentioned. Its not fun to change 50 menus bc you want to do small changes. So I got that covered but ofc more dynamics would be better. Anyway, I will check with the web-host why it goes corrupt after to many headers. Thanks for this @christian

You’re welcome, @svensson.

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