Speed issues


I just installed the theme, and after I import demo data and enable the plugins, it becomes extremely slow, is this normal? could you please recommend the basic plugins required only? i want to use icon 10,

Hi Jai,

Thanks for writing in! Most basic plugin that is required to function X theme is the Cornerstone plugin. Following other plugins also may require, according to your current setup.

  • Revolution Slider plugin, if you have a slider on your site.
  • Contact form 7, if you want to setup contact us page.
  • Email forms extension, if you want to setup opt-in.

You can activate/deactivate any other plugin according your requirement.

For further enhancements and speed improvements, please refer to our knowledge base article on how to increase your performance (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-performance/210) and implement it accordingly.

Let us know how it goes.


when i did a fresh install i got these 4 and it said i had to

Installing and Activating Plugin LayerSlider WP (1/4)
Show details.

Installing and Activating Plugin Vivacity Plugin (2/4)
Show details.

Installing and Activating Plugin WPBakery Page Builder (3/4)
Show details.

Installing and Activating Plugin Contact Form 7 (4/4)

is this layerslider the same as the revolution one you mentioned?

and email forms extention? i did not recieve notification for this, is it included in the theme?

Hello Jai,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

LayerSlider and Revolution Slider are different plugins that comes bundled with X Theme. Please take a look at following resources to learn more:

Yes, Email form is included with X Theme. You can install Email form plugin from X > Validation > Extension. Please take a look at following resource to learn more:


t thank you

please advise, how comes there are no demo images anywhere?

Hi Jai,

It’s a standard demo which only contains some placeholder, you’ll have to fill them to complete the demo. It’s meant to be a skeleton to give the user a starting point while still clean and minimal. If you wish a demo that has complete slider, content, and images then I recommend importing the expanded demos. Please check it here https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-demo-content/56 under Expanded


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