Site crashed: X theme issue with WP6.2

Site has crashed, see secure note.

(I want to revert back to X Theme by the way, I just upgraded to Pro and want to revert.)

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Hey @CatQuinney,

Thanks for reaching out!

Your website is now up and running, I just follow the recommendation here:

On the other hand, just want to let you know that you cannot downgrade back your license if you already convert X to Pro. It would be best to stick now with Pro and utilize the advanced features.

Hope that helps.

Hello Marc, thank you. I did check that out but I couldn’t do it for some reason I forget but mostly likely technically beyond myself.

I’ll check out the X and Pro differences. Cat

I’m unable to input a recognised Key for Essential Grid. The X nor Pro Keys are not accepted, please help.

Hello @CatQuinney,

I checked your site it seems that you have installed the Pro theme and you are using the X child theme, Please note that your site is registered with the Pro theme license so I would suggest you please download the Pro child theme from here.

Please remember that you must deactivate the Cornerstone plugin before activating the Pro theme or Pro child theme since the cornerstone page builder plugin is inbuilt with the Pro theme.

In case you have installed the Essential Grid through the bundled plugin then there is no license code available for this plugin, in case you have purchased the Essential Grid plugin separately then you can register the license code which is provided by the plugin author.

Difference between X theme and Pro theme.

​Pro theme has more advanced features than the X theme such as Header/Footer builder and Layout builder. You can use Pro Header/Footer builder to create a custom Header/Footer for the page, posts, archive page, etc. You can create a custom layout for blog pages, category archive pages, and tag archive pages. You can also create custom layouts for the WooCommerce shop page, Product archive page, and Product details page as well.

​In the X theme, you need to install the Cornerstone page builder plugin separately from the X theme bundled plugin whereas in the Pro theme, you don’t need to install the Cornerstone page builder separately. The Cornerstone page builder plugin is inbuilt with the Pro theme.

​You may check out our doc to learn more about the difference between X and Pro themes.​

Hope it helps

Hi, thanks for your support reply - my site went down again when changing to Pro child, I activated Pro parent which put it back online, however it’s activated on Pro parent. Pro child will not install or activate because it seems to think the Parent is not there.

On the Essential Grid, it was part of the X theme bundle bought in 2016 I think - now suddenly it’s not available so I have to purchase it?


Hello Catherine,

It seems that you have not properly installed the Pro child theme, you need to delete the X child theme and then delete the current Pro child theme after that you need to install the Pro child theme. You can download the new child theme from the link which is provided on the above posts.

The Essential Grid plugin is still there with the X/Pro theme bundled plugin list. You can install it from X/Pro—>Extensions


Thanks, but will this lose my current X child theme customisations?

I’ve done it all the same, however there is still an error message by the Pro Child theme telling me the Pro parent theme is missing even though it’s activated.

Hi @CatQuinney,

I have checked your website again and found that there is only the Pro theme is installed and the Pro Child is broken. I have investigated the Pro Child theme and found that there is no customization has been made to it, I would suggest you download the child theme once again from the following link and check by activating it.

Hope it helps.

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