New Site Status Report

Hello friends,

On April 30th, we begin the process of bringing the new Themeco site online! We are doing everything in phases so as to minimize the potential impact, however there will be some intermittent downtime.

Phase 1: New forum and account areas. These are the most resource intensive parts of the site, and it will most likely take 1-2 days to complete.

Phase 2: New pages, services, content, and docs. This is when all the fun stuff will be going live!

Phase 3: Affiliate program and other loose ends.

I’ll be adding status reports to the bottom of this post so you can stay in the loop. If I had to guess, I would say it will take 4-5 days to get everything in. Support will continue to be provided in this time with the exception of a very small window of downtime (1-2 hours) when we’re bringing the new forum and account info online. We have much to share in the coming weeks about our new products, services and of course X and Pro. Thank-you for the continued partnership!

Status Report - All Times in CDT

  • (4/30) 3PM - Final audit of forum and accounts in staging environment.
  • (05/01) 3PM - Going live to new accounts and forum. You will be force logged out and won’t be able to post until new systems are online. Downtime may be up to 1 hour.
  • (05/01) 4:30 PM - New accounts and forum are live and accessible from the header. You may notice intermittent issues as we are going through a post launch checklist of items that have to be done after the site is live.
  • (05/01) 8:00 PM - New accounts and forum are live and stable. We’ll continue to monitor for any major issues, and our normal product support will be available through the weekend. Dev team will continue with rollout on Monday.
  • (05/02) 12:22 PM - ISSUE: In account area, select/copy text is not working on Firefox. Fixed.
  • (05/02) 12:41 PM - ISSUE: Connection interruption to Design Cloud. Fixed (clear cache).
  • (05/04) 10:00 AM - Continuing on with account and forum items including inline search for licenses, additional styling for unused licenses, license packs to order screen, and backend adjustments.
  • (05/05) 9:36 AM - ISSUE: Some customers are having issues with site validation. Fixed. Here is the solution.
  • (05/05) 9:38 AM - A little behind schedule due to validation issue but on track to complete Phase 1 by EOD Wednesday.
  • (05/06) 4:28 PM - Wrapping up Phase 1 today, and we greatly appreciate all those who helped us test and troubleshoot. There are a few items we need to get in before we can launch Phase 2 based on improvements/feedback, and we’ll begin those first thing in the morning. At current trajectory, we should begin Phase 2 by Friday or Monday at the latest. This is a much easier phase as most of the challenging items are out of the way. I’ll have an update for you by EOD tomorrow.
  • (05/06) 7:36 PM - ISSUE: PayPal checkout is not working. Fixed.
  • (05/07) 6:39 PM - On track to begin Phase 2 rollout on Monday.
  • (05/08) 4:37 PM - Phase 2 begins on Monday with the rollout of our new shop demo Crafty followed by all new pages and content going live Tuesday (this is the fun day)! Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.
  • (05/11) 12:06 PM - Crafty is now available via Design Cloud. Please note that WC example products do not import (the WC theme options are included).
  • (05/11) 7:44 PM - New pages and content go live tomorrow afternoon. There may be a small amount of downtime while we bring it online.
  • (05/12) 4:01 PM - Going live to new pages and content. There are a few items we need to do post launch so you may notice a few broken links.
  • (05/12) 8:04 PM - New pages and content are live and stable. Handful of small bugs still to be addressed. On track to complete Phase 2 by Thursday. Affiliate Program launches Friday.
  • (05/15) 4:25 PM - Affiliate Program is live.
  • (05/15) 5:15 PM - This concludes the process of bringing our new website online! A big thank-you to everyone who helped test throughout. Be on the lookout for my next Status Report on or around June 1 where we’ll be talking Layout Builder, Element animations, and more!