MEC Event Data using Dynamic Content (DC)

Hello – I have seen a few earlier posts around this topic, but some questions still remain unanswered. The posts I have seen so far are:

I have a working query that returns a set of mec-events. For each post, I am trying to retrieve
a) Location Name – so far, using {{dc:post:meta key="mec_location_id"}}, I can get the location id, but I am looking for location name. Each event has a different location, so I can’t hard code location id. Any ideas? (In other words, I want to display the location name for each event returned by the query).

b) If the event start time is at the top of the hr (e.g. 10:00), then the DC {{dc:post:meta key="mec_start_time_minutes" type="date" format="i"}} returns the CURRENT minutes, not the event start time in minutes. If I leave out the format, then it’ll just return a 0. I am looking to display minutes as “00”. Any thoughts how I can get there?

Appreciate all the help in advance!

Hey Rajeev,

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Location Name out of the box, and there’s no solution for the MEC time formatting. Both would require custom development to fix or work with so we cannot handle that as part of theme support.

If you need custom development help, you might want to have our Elite team do the work for you. You can check our Elite service here:

Thank you for understanding.

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