Hide featured image but still display it via dynamic content


I built a kind of custom header for my blogposts, including the featured image of the post - via dynamic content. However, my post displays the featured image above this header, which I don’t want.

I downloaded the plugin to hide featured images, thinking to solve it that way, but that one also hides the featured image through dynamic content.

So I’m ending up with either 2 or 0 featured images. Can I hide the featured image via Wordpress but still display it via dynamic content?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Ayla,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your Themeco account dashboard, and it seems that you are using the X theme there are no options for a custom Header on the X theme, and there are no options for the custom layout for the blog page. In case you are trying to customize the theme with the child theme I would suggest you please contact a developer who can assist you with your concerns or you can subscribe to One where customization questions are answered. Since we don’t provide customization support. It is of the support scope.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your X theme to a Pro theme where you can create a custom Header and custom layout for the blog archive page through the Header builder and layout builder respectively.

Thanks for understanding


Thanks for replying. I don’t really understand though, because I feel that we’re not talking about the same thing.
Does it matter what I’m trying to build with the featured image?

Dynamic content is included in X, and I feel like my question is more related to that.
I’d like to use the dynamic content-featured image “somewhere” on my blogpost, and am trying to hide the wordpress-given featured image in order to prevent the same image showing twice.
Is there a way to hide the Wordpress-F.I. and only show the dynamic content-F.I.?

Hey @Ayla,

If you just want to hide the default featured image in your single blog post items, you may check out these old threads:

Regretfully, the dynamic content {{dc:post:featured_image_id}} will not get rendered when added to your post description using the default WordPress editor. It will only work if you use the Cornerstone builder to create your post content.

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