Cornerstone 7.5.0, Pro 6.5.0, and X 10.5.0 Beta (2)

Greetings everyone. We’ve got yet another exciting release. We are currently in the midst of two major projects, the AI project being one we have already hinted at. Since we’re working to bring you the best products there, we decided we were at a good spot to release another version with a bunch of new additions and fixes. This is also a good time to talk future direction.

So download and activate the Beta plugin and get ready to test the future of website building.

Dynamic Content 2.0 : The Twig Tower

Our flagship feature of Cornerstone 7.5.0, is the Twig Template Engine integration into Dynamic Content. It’s something I started when I first got here to Themeco actually, but it wouldn’t be the feature you see here today without listening and seeing the challenges of your sites and for that we thank you for truly making our themes and Cornerstone something special. There’s so much to go over and we’re planning plenty of videos on this wonderful feature. For now I’ll leave you with some core points.

  • The docs are here . Reach out to me during the beta and we’ll add more examples if you have questions.
  • PHP 8.1+ is required. We are packaging the very latest version of Twig and a few twig extensions which require this.
  • We plan on keeping the release of 7.5.0 as the beta of Twig. Much like the External REST API I think pushing the envelope in the page builder world is important and sometimes that can come with some bugs or issues.
  • Dynamic Content as you know it is staying the same. This merely marks the new direction where data is handled by the Dynamic Content API and formatting, templating, and advanced content manipulation is handled by Twig.

Here is a fun thing I created with this the other day

Modals Reloaded

Easily one of our favorite elements are the Toggleables (Modal, Off Canvas, and Dropdown). And in this release we have some bug fixes, features, and new prefabs. There is a prefab for both Modal and Off canvas that puts the close button inside the container, in the Off Canvas case it lets you control the button with more granularity. You can also hide the close button, paired with the new “Toggleable Close Button” prefab you can easily convert your current Modals to this look and feel.

External REST API XML Change

Due to an oversight we’re changing how the XML return type works. To alleviate the change we’ve added a legacy mode so nobodies site will break in the upgrade. If you upgrade and have the External API enabled you will be put into XML legacy mode. We are going to put a message in your dashboard till you switch off legacy mode as we don’t want to maintain two different XML processors. If you are using the External API, but were not using XML anywhere you can safely turn off legacy mode. We’d love to get testing here so we don’t have any more changes like this.

The next steps for External API is to add authentication strategies like OAuth and when we release that we will be reaching feature completion and will be taking it out of Beta. You can be assured it’s not going anywhere though. The response around this feature has been phenomenal and for someone taking chance at something new it warmed my heart.

Doc here

Design Cloud Packs Resurrection

Design Cloud Packs have been brought back into the app. We’ve also updated them to utilize some new elements like Tabs and Accordions that have inner elements.

Image Gallery Prefabs

Also highly requested. We have two prefabs coming to the templates. The downloads are going to be below, but upon full release they will be going into the Themeco templates tab.

Prolific Performance

Sometimes the fastest way to get something done is for your app to be, well, faster. We’ve added a bunch of new performance updates specifically with Theme Options and controls. What’s on the horizon is to change how the actual preview works in order to fix two things. WPML subdomains not working all on one site without redirecting the page and having a site that uses a subdomain for the backend and another domain for the actual WordPress site. Both issues stem from how we render the preview which needs to change. This will also make things faster.

Cornerstone Charts 1.2.0 - The Vector Arc

The galaxies most resilient charting plugin gets a major update with 2 new chart types and 2 new prefabs. Bubble, Scatter, and Combo Line + Bar chart enter the picture. Support for Time and Logarithmic charts has also been added. That’s not to mention all the dynamic charts that can be created with the introduction of Twig.

We also updated Max plugins to have a beta install system. You need to update Cornerstone Charts if you update the theme or Cornerstone, this is due to the bugfix around parameters. I don’t suspect this to happen all the time.


  • Flex gap support as well as H Flex and V Flex prefabs
  • Sticky bars have changed to support 1 pixel scroll shrinking better like it was in Pro 5. The sticky bar slide feature can also be turned off
  • Attachment Srcset feature for Image and Background tags
  • Dropdowns flickering in a header can be eliminated with the introduction of the “Inline” control

We plan on making a few more changes in this beta around WooCommerce JS which will be one of the final steps to removing the need for jQuery and a fix around Yoast. And of course be sure to send your requests or bugs our way. The changelog will be posted below.

Have a great day.



  • Feature Twig Renderer beta starts (Dynamic Content 2.0)
  • Feature Post status Dynamic Content
  • Feature Sticky bar “Starts Fixed” control
  • Feature Sticky bar “Should Slide” control
  • Feature Off-canvas, Modal, and Dropdowns (Toggleables) have a toggle to disable the close button
  • Feature Modal (Inner Close) and Off Canvas (Custom Close) prefabs
  • Feature Toggleable Close Button prefab
  • Feature Flexbox Gap control
  • Feature H Flex and V Flex prefabs
  • Feature Design Cloud Packs have in-App installing
  • Feature Random unique ID Dynamic Content
  • Feature Parameter renderInFrame feature
  • Feature Font Family displays a preview of how the font will look, this control was also causing performance issues before
  • Feature Attachment Srcset control for Image and Background images
  • Feature Beta plugin package support for Max Plugins
  • Feature Dropdown has an Inline toggle to adds it’s dropdown in line with the button so the dropdown doesn’t flicker when it’s placed in a header
  • Updated clicking a toggle hash in the preview will open the toggle hash
  • Updated Sticky bars were changed at one point to not scale down on the first pixel scroll. Using “Starts Fixed” now does the opposite of this.
  • Updated copying an element that used DC in it’s ID will copy the IDs value
  • Updated Performance updates around controls, Theme Options, and the Outline
  • Updated XML looper field grabbing has been changed in a breaking way. Now attributes are grabbed through TAG.attr.MY_ATTRIBUTE and content is grabbed from TAG.content. There is a legacy mode in a place that is enabled upon updating, but it will give you a warning until you change your usages of the XML return type and disable legacy mode.
  • Bugfix data-x-slider-id attribute added to get around the issue of having a modal slider and sending events like slider-goto directly to that slider
  • Bugfix Parameter processing timing was off, causing an issue where you couldn’t use parameters for number based fields which are used heavily in Cornerstone Charts
  • Bugfix Navigation dropdown inside an off-canvas did not show up
  • Bugfix CS Standalone Max plugins could not be updated in the standard WordPress update window
  • Bugfix closing a modal with a toggle hash when another modal was opened would close both modals
  • Bugfix dynamic rendering was not setup properly on dropdown element
  • Bugfix you couldn’t use isVar and a group on a global parameter

Unreleased in 6.4.20

  • Feature Rating element schema now has a ‘type’ control
  • Feature IP Address Dynamic Content
  • Updated Sticky div extra body css now uses clip for the overflow-x property

Cornerstone Charts 1.2.0

  • Feature Combo Bar + Line prefab
  • Feature Scatter Chart
  • Feature Bubble Chart
  • Feature Dataset type control
  • Feature Axis type control including, Linear (Default), Logarithimic, and Time
  • Feature Time base axis controls
  • Bugfix Parameters could not be used in number based fields


  • Updated Themeco code editor style for twig tags looked like an error
  • Updated Twig templates didn’t syntax highlight HTML
  • Updated Twig error colors are less aggressive looking
  • Updated Code Editor render timing increased to allow smoother typing and less Twig errors from popping up
  • Updated Font family picker input changed to look more like the font weight selector
  • Updated a dropdown in a sticky bar will try to update it’s position when the sticky bar unsticks itself
  • Updated Woocommerce specific JS has been split to it’s own file, and jQuery is no longer marked as a dependency of our normal scripts as a result
  • Bugfix Modal ESC Key Close didn’t work
  • Bugfix Twig autoescape didn’t work properly when WordPress extension was enabled, the default escaper is html
  • Bugfix Typekit CSS loading was invalid in app when no typekit ID was set
  • Bugfix Font Family picker was using a strong tag causing invalid bold and blurry fonts
  • Bugfix Font Family picker certain fonts were displaying a weird scroll bar in expanded font family mode
  • Bugfix Yoast rendering was inconsistent, our yoast plugin overwrote other plugins content, and wouldnt work if the ajax took too long