Complianz breaks Cornerstone + Quickfix

As other users in the forum reported here: Cornerstone Editor is loading and nothing else happens and here: Cornerstone not loading on several pages
I am also affected by the problem that Cornerstone does not load a page anymore if Complianz is installed and if you page contains a certain piece of content.

If your page contains something that gets triggered by Complianz, Cornerstone will go into an endless loading state and the console outputs this error:

For example:
On my pages were some Youtube videos and the string triggered Complianz (since Complianz should block YouTube URLs per default) and then Cornerstone loaded endlessly.

I can imagine, that there might be other things on your page that will trigger Complianz as well. Maybe URLs from HubSpot, Social Media … anything that might trigger Complianz to block it.

Not sure if Themeco or Complianz has to fix this.

Since I needed a quick solution I came up with a short PHP code you can add to your functions.php that will deactivate Complianz only if Conerstone is active:

function cmplz_my_filter_site_needs_cookiewarning( $cookiewarning_required) {
	if ( function_exists('CS') ) { return false; }
add_filter( 'cmplz_site_needs_cookiewarning', 'cmplz_my_filter_site_needs_cookiewarning' );

Maybe Themeco can confirm if this code is okay, or if I should check differently if Cornerstone is active.
Especially if function_exists('CS') does never return true somewhere in the front end. Otherwise Complianz and its cookie banner will not load.

Hope this helps.


Hey @raye,

Thanks for sharing your ideas, we appreciate your time and effort. This filter might help a lot of users fix their issues on complianz. For me, disabling the complianz in the backend state is a good idea.


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