WP Engine and Cornerstone conflict: unable to make edits

Hello again! I posted this a long time ago, and STILL have issues:

I’ve gone down the list and also with tech on their end, but now need your help to fix this! I can sometimes make changes in Cornerstone, but many of the older pages are not letting this happen, like here:

Staging site is made, all updates are made and plugins are all disabled. I did a full purge of the cache on WP Engine with no change to problem. I will share info to access privately. Thanks!

I get a success message, but edits do not happen (changing the headline on this page to ‘test’). Edit made to this page:

Hi @elizawhitney,

Thanks for reaching out.
It seems that the issue is related to the Server Level Cache, I would suggest you contact your hosting provider to purge all the server-level cache. If that does not resolve your issue, please copy your live site to a staging server so we could troubleshoot freely without breaking your live site.
And give us access to the secure note including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.


Thanks for being in touch! Yup, I did a full purge of the cache with the server but didn’t have any luck. Credentials were sent in secure note, will send again now.

Hey @elizawhitney,

I suspect this has something to do with PHP 8. Please try downgrading to PHP 7.4. WP Engine might be able to downgrade for you if you reach out to them.


Nope, no luck. The PHP is now down to 7.4 but there is no change.

WP engine has also completely disabled the cache on this staging site and they tested it - the problem persists and it isn’t the cache (on their end, they asked about a theme cache). To review, I’ve done the following: disabled all plugins, updated everything, purged the cache completely, removed all CSS and JS customization, reverted to main theme (off of child), increased the PHP and downgraded the PHP, confirmed that CDN is not enabled, and changed the permalinks… I’m at a loss

oh, I’ve also installed X theme and activated Cornerstone, but this also didn’t change anything… I was still unable to make any edits.

Hello @elizawhitney,

I am another staff checking in. I am using MS Edge and Brave browser. I could not replicate the issue while logged in to your site. I can edit your pages without encountering any issues.

  • See the screenshots in the secure note below.

You may need to clear your browser cache or use private browsing mode and test you site again. If you are still experience any issues, please send us the exact page URL that you are having difficulties in editing it.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

OK, that isn’t it. I’ve tried in Chrome and Firefox, cleared both caches and also gone private/incognito. Not every page has this issue, but the majority of them do.

But, with your example on the accreditation page - change something and hit save. Then, see that the edits don’t happen IRL. In the screenshots you’ll see the ‘success’ message when I change the headline to ‘test’, then on refresh and clearing the cache the site does not reflect the change (and, again, the host at WP Engine has disabled caching on the entire site and all the other changes mentioned before. I’ve attached screenshots to show this.

A page that I have been using for consistent reference is this page:

Hey @elizawhitney,

The cause of the saving issue remains a mystery. But, the solution for now, though not optimal, is to:

  1. Save your page as a template using the Template Manager
  2. Load the template to a new page
  3. Change the URL or slug of your old page or the page with issue
  4. Change the URL or the slug of the new page to that of the old page

The page https://atfdstg.wpengine.com/training-4/atfd-training-facility-features/
is now working.

We’re continuing the investigation. For now, at the very least, you can move on editing and saving the page.


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