WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder - No Orders

I have a form built in " WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder" (Version 10.1.21). I have Pro Version: 5.1.5. Latest version of Wordpress.

This form can accept orders and it’s been working great for a long time. I can go in and view the orders that have been submitted. Today I see that there are no orders in the view, but I know there are orders because I use to see them all.

I do notice a .js issue that I’m not sure is related to this issue but it’s in the screenshot that I have uploaded.

Can I get some help with the one?

Hello @Tech4Eleven,

Thanks for writing in! Did you do any updates? You might want to check this out:

And please do the following to troubleshoot:

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Best Regards.

I disabled all plugins and cleared site and browser cache and I still cant see the orders. I have created a secure note so you can get in and check out the issue. thank you!

Hey @Tech4Eleven,

I compared the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder setup of your site and mine and the only difference is PHP 8. The E&P Plugin works on my end. Please try contacting your web host to downgrade to PHP 7.4.


I downgraded to PHP 7.4, confirmed 7.4 was reflected on the site, cleared my browsers cache and the site cache and I still cannot view the orders of the form from any page.

Hey @Tech4Eleven,

Thanks for confirming. The only solution for this now is to revert your site from a backup because the error in the console has no specifics. It just points to a JSON error, which could be a server issue.

Revert your site to a working state then update the plugin and WordPress one by one. The one you update that brings the issue back is the culprit. You can report that to us so we can forward it to the developer of the E&P plugin.


That’s not something I can easily do - it’s a client’s site - and it’s a massive, very involved website. We’ll just have to live with it until the developer updates their junk. :slight_smile:

thanks anyway.

You’re welcome, @Tech4Eleven.

My backups only include backups of the currently installed, and most recent version of this plugin, which is Version: 10.1.21. Can you, or anyone else where, provide a download for the PREVIOUS version by chance, so I can test it on my site?

Hey @Tech4Eleven,

Regretfully, we do not keep old versions of the bundled plugins.

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