WP BAkery Plugin Blocking - help

Hello i have bought WP Bakery but i cant activate the license. There is no licence tab where i can fill in the licence code!
WP Bakery told me that only you can help to get rid of the wp bakery blocking by your theme.
Please help to solve the problem.
Thank you.
PS i spent over 50€ now for support to get answer for this problem :frowning: thats really a lot

Hello @Montauk_P,

Thanks for writing in!

Please install a Child theme first. You can get it here:

Once you have the child theme installed, go to Appearance > Themes > Theme File Editor and then click the functions.php file on the right side. You will then have to add this line remove_action( 'vc_before_init', 'x_visual_composer_set_as_theme', 99 ); so that the activation of WPBakery plugin will becomes active and visible again.

You can check out these old threads:

Best Regards.

Thank you - but now the website has a big problem after acitvation of child !!!
i cant do anything now. there is only a screen showing that there is a problem.
i cant do anything now!
Urgenty need your help !!!
How can i send you login???that you can chekand help??
Its really urgent !!!

ok website is ok again!!!
But i cant find functions.php as you have described in the theme file editor.
Please can you send picture how it looks like.
I added the code via ftp in the functions php of the child theme. (see code below) but after reloading no activation panel is shown - do i have to install wp bakery new??
hope to hear from you soon. thank you!


<?php // ============================================================================= // FUNCTIONS.PHP // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Overwrite or add your own custom functions to X in this file. // ============================================================================= // ============================================================================= // TABLE OF CONTENTS // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // 01. Enqueue Parent Stylesheet // 02. Additional Functions // ============================================================================= // Enqueue Parent Stylesheet // ============================================================================= add_filter( 'x_enqueue_parent_stylesheet', '__return_true' ); // Additional Functions // ============================================================================= remove_action( 'vc_before_init', 'x_visual_composer_set_as_theme', 99 );

Hello There,

The given username does not exist. Please double-check it.

  • See the secure note below.

And please provide us with your FTP as well so we can check if there is a fatal error happening.

Best Regards.

Oh i will check

You will find ftp filemanager plugin online when you login to wordpress

Hey @Montauk_P,

We don’t have enough permission to check your setup. Please set the user level access to administrator. It would also be best if you provide FTP access just in case there will be server errors.


Ok i have changed your permission to administrator, sorry.
You can use the internal filemanager for the ftp.

Hey @Montauk_P,

The correct code which I tested in my site as well as your site is this:

add_action('after_setup_theme', 'remove_tco_vc');

function remove_tco_vc() {
	remove_action( 'vc_before_init', 'x_visual_composer_set_as_theme' );

Please try activating WP Bakery.


ok thank you!

You are most welcome.
We’re glad @Christian was able to give you the correct code.

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