Woocommerce Shop Page Product Image Not Resizing

I’ve looked throughout the forum and could not find a fix. I am running X 9.1.4 on WP 6.0.2. In trying to add a new product page in Woocommerce, the thumbnail on the Shop page will not conform to the 1:1 ratio I’ve set. I have tried a number of things: Checked customizer and Settings>Media. Regenerated thumbnails. Tried various methods of creating the product page (cloning an existing product to creating multiple times from scratch.) Nothing I’ve tried will force the thumbnail into a square. All other product pages using previous pics are working correctly, even after thumbnail regeneration. I am at my wits end here!

Hello @redhare2007,

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I added the login info to a secure note for you.

I really need assistance with this issue. Please help.

Hi @redhare2007,

It seems that you are having the same problem as mentioned in the following thread, I would suggest you go through the given solutions by my colleagues there.

Hope it helps.

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