Why are portfolio not treated as data field elements and selectable

my developer said that technically “portfolio” is a custom post type, but when I use the db icon in the fields in settings in pro theme I do not see any references to portfolio, why is that?

this topic arose from this thread… me learning apc plugin and custom post types… suggested by @ marc_a to make a separate post for this topic

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Please be aware that the Portfolio feature is currently disabled.

You can go to Cornerstone > Theme Options > Portfolio and toggle to enable the feature.


i enabled portfolio but those fields still do not show up as DB field options

Hi @verobeachmarketing,

It is not clear what you are expecting here. I have tested the Portfolio post type using the Looper Provider in a Test page, and it is working fine. Please find the test page URL in the secure note.


i am expecting the fields to be available wherever the db icons are on the image URL, column background image, just like the custom post types are

Hi @verobeachmarketing,

For the Dynamic Content option, only WooCommerce is available with the specific fields only, no other custom post types are allowed.


unless you use the ACF plugin

Hello @verobeachmarketing,

Yes, unless you use ACF. If you do not have any custom fields for the portfolio items, you can treat them as posts when using the dynamic content or DB icon.

Hope this makes sense.

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