White line on sides of YouTube films

Check out this site https://www.showdevida.no/latin-night/ on mobile.

There’s a white 1 px thick line on the bottom of the first row of YouTube videos, I removed the inner container from the row of where these are places because I read in the forum that that would solve a similar problem from someone else here related to the same issue on a revolution slider. Now the line moved from the side to the bottom.

On all the other videos on the site this is happening on the right side of all embedded videos. How can I get rid of this?

This is quite an annoying bug and I hope there’s a quick fix to it so I don´t have to edit somethink on every single YouTube video. It does not show when editing in the mobile view of the PRO editor, only when you actually view it on a mobile.

Hello Ariell,

Thanks for writing in! I have checked your page and I could not find the white line both on the sides or bottom of the Youtube video.

Kindly provide us a screenshot of what you are seeing on your screen.

Thank you.

Here’s screenshots from my iPhone x with safari:
Top one has white lines on the bottom as here I removed inner container from the row.
The two next ones still has the inner container and has lines to the right of the embedded YouTube videos.

Hi Ariell,

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Thank you.

I added a secure note to my last post

Hi Ariell,

It seems that the Frame background color was set to White and which was visible in smaller screen sizes. I reset that to transparent for the page [ URL is given in the secure note ], and it works and the white line is now removed from that page.
Please find the screenshot describing the settings below:


Hi! I didn’t know that video had a frame background you could alter, I see it is set default to white when adding a video? Is there a way to change all of them to black?

Hey Ariell,

White is the default of the Video element. You could setup your own default options of the elements though. See https://theme.co/docs/template-manager#what-are-the-element-defaults

Hope that helps.

Thanks, good to know, Should take some time to go through more of the features from time to time, but this is the life of a web designer I guess.

Hi Ariell,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

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