Video lightbox as pop up

Hi I looked at this article

but I still need help.
I want to have a button open a video lightbox, but as an overlay on the page, so the user doesn’t leave the page.
The examples in this article don’t do that. They open the lightbox as a new page.

Also, how would I add the video lightbox shortcode into my own button html? do I have to use the button shortcode?

Hello Ben,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can take a look at the solution mentioned in following thread.


Hi thanks for this response. I’ve seen this post in the forum, and did already try it out, but it’s not quite what I’m after.

My understanding is this solution requires an image. I want the link/interactive element to appear as a button, not an image.

Now I have a styled tag that looks like a button and I’d like to use it to open a video lightbox in this instance. And for the lightbox to be a modal, not a new page.

Is this not possible with shortcodes? Can I not add the lightbox shortcode to my own html element?
Can the lightbox appear as a modal?


Hi again,

You should follow either this one or this will help you as well

Hope this helps!

Thanks, the second one was exactly what I needed.
Many thanks.

Glad it worked for you.


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