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I am using a video background in the “Who Is Daku Aquatics” section on the homepage. I have tried to add it as both an mp4 and mov file. It only hows the poster and never plays the video. I have tried it in multiple browsers.

Update: So i figured out it has some kind of conflict with Jetpack. It’s a very common plugin so Im not sure why that would be. I believe I need jetpack activated for woocommerce tax. I usually dont use it but in this case I might need it.

Hello @Contourandco,

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I checked your site, it seems that the background video is working properly. In case if you have disabled the plugin that you have maintained in your post that is why it is working at the moment I am not sure about that since the given credentials are not working at my end.

It might be an issue of any plugin that is conflicting with the Jetpack plugin or any custom code that conflicting with the theme or plugin. I would also suggest you must troubleshoot a few common issues with our common guide.

Hope it helps

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Hi @Contourandco,

It is not just with the theme. The Jetpack plugin cache the video for faster loading. In some cases, the cache is out of date and got stuck. This is the limitation of the plugin as it is explained in this article:

On the other hand, if you really wanted to use the Jetpack plugin, I suggest that you downgrade your Jetpack version to 9.8.1 as it is stated by one of the customers that it is working on that version.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.