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I am a Pro user and have a hero header with video background. It has worked fine on both production and staging until today. I can’t see a preview of the video in editor nor can I see it on a front end preview.
I have cleared the cache on both my computer and for the whole website. I deactivated two new plugins that I installed yesterday. I re-uploaded the video file to my media library and still can’t view the video in the header. It’s very strange that I also can no longer see the video it on the staging site as I haven’t made any changes to staging site at all. My unpublished site is slesmobile.org and the live staging site is slesmobile.org/staging/6866. Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for writing in, have you done a plugin conflict test? if not, please do so, as this seems to have something to do with a plugin, I test your setup (video) on my local dev, and it plays fine. I can’t login thru your staging site, please check the credentials.

Let us know how it goes,

Thanks for responding. The credentials were for the production site, not the staging site. I have done a plugin conflict test and it appears that Jetpack is causing this. It seems strange that such a popular plugin and service would suddenly be incompatible with the theme.

Hello Angela,

It is not just with the theme. The Jetpack plugin cache the video for faster loading. In some cases, the cache is out of date and got stuck. This is the limitation of the plugin as it is explained in this article:

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I don’t think that it’s the cache, because it won’t even display the embedded YouTube videos.

When background layer type = video, nothing appears. https://snipboard.io/w3ftkW.jpg

When background layer type = custom and some code I pulled is inserted into the header bar, the video does appear.
However, the hero video takes up the entire page, covering the content of the pages that use that header. https://snipboard.io/YWz0nR.jpg

Thank you

Hi Angela,

It is the JetPack plugin that is the reason behind your issue, I went ahead and deactivate and reactivate it and now the video is working fine.


No, when you deactivated the plugin you cut the connection to Jetpack. When you reactivated the plugin, you didn’t actually reconnect it. The plugin itself is not the issue, it’s the connection to Jetpack. I have contacted their support and will report back if there is a resolution.

Great News. Kindly let us know if it is resolved then.

I’ve seen several similar topics in the last few days, and this is definitely a Jetpack issue with their latest release.(9.9). The issues on my site began as soon as the plugin auto updated. I just downgraded Jetpack to 9.8.1, turned off its auto update and it’s now working as expected.

Hey Angela,

We are happy that you have figure out a way to get around the issue.
And we thank you for sharing that information. It would really be helpful for other users who are using the Jetpack plugin.

Best Regards.

My answer from Jetpack support says “It looks like the video issue is a conflict with the X theme that you are using”. (However I also see reports on their support forum of 9.9 breaking carousel and creating other image issues; they changed something fundamental in treatment of media and have already said at least for the image issues they are working on a fix.)

I tested with the parent X Theme and I still get space on the front end for a video to display, but no content in the area. Rolling back to Jetpack 9.8.1 resolves the issue, for now. I’m passing this on to Jetpack support and will cross my fingers that they fix what they broke.

Hi Pyanfar,

Thanks for the information, and please let us know once the Plugin Author fixed the issue.

I’m sorry to report that version 9.9.1 from Jetpack released today does not fix the issue.

Hey @sleswildcats and @kkallmaker,

Since the background video is added using the <video> HTML element, we might be able to test if the issue is just with Jetpack or combination of Jetpack and Pro. Can you test this by:

  1. Switching to the default WordPress theme like 2021.
  2. Create a test page.
  3. On the test page, add your video to the content using the Block Editor.
  4. Check the video if it works in the frontend.


Using WordPress 2021, I upgraded Jetpack to 9.9.1. Videos displayed on my front end as intended. I created a test post and it too displayed video.

When I returned to X Theme, videos disappeared again. So the problem seems to be specifically what Jetpack changed in 9.9.0 creating a conflict within X Theme.

Hello @kkallmaker,

I have checked your site and the video is playing on my end.

It is playing so slow though. It freezes from time to time. The video is also playing so slow when I load it directly on my browser address URL. When I checked your video, I found out that your video is 219MB in size with a resolution of 1920x1080.

If you want the original version of the video, it is best that converts your video again and try to use 720p. Upload the new converted video and test the site again.

Thanks for letting me know about the slow rendering of my video.

Just to be clear, my site is running Jetpack 9.8.1. So you can see the video. If I upgrade to any later version, including 10.0 which just released today, the video disappears as detailed above. Having tested with other themes and not having this issue, the conflict is between X Theme’s video shortcode and the latest releases of Jetpack.

Jetpack’s response is that the issue is with the theme, not the plug in.

About the video rendering, are those screenshots of the video you found at my site? They’re not from my site. My videos are less than 15MB with 1920x1080 resolution. So perhaps your post was for another user?

Hi Pyanfar,

Sorry about that, that seems to be the original poster’s site. We’ll check on this, for now, please keep the Jetpack 9.8.1.


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