Using JPG in Moder Sliders Logo Carousel Slider

I started by using this topic, but it gets off track and never actually shows you what the JSON code should look like for a jpg file.

I tried this, but it doesn’t work

   "company"     : "Themeco",
   "image"       : "",
   "height"      : "0.5em",
   "positionTop" : "0.25em"

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Changing the svg to image, you will also need to change the structure. You can replace the raw Content element with the Image element and then supply the image URL with the dynamic content {{dc:looper:field key="image"}}.

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I have this in the looper. {{dc:looper:field key=“image”}}

right now. Just text is showing up where the images should be showing, and it’s the file name.

Hello @MulderDSM,

It displays the URL of the image because you have just inserted the dynamic content {{dc:looper:field key="image"}} code inside the Raw Content element. That code was previously intended for displaying the SVG. Now that you have change it to an image, you will need to insert an <img> HTML tag inside the Raw Content element like this:

<img src="{{dc:looper:field key="image"}}" alt="{{dc:looper:field key="title"}}" />

We highly recommend that you remove the Raw Content element and replace it with an Image element. You can then use the {{dc:looper:field key="image"}} as the image source.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 12.19.44 PM

Kindly check out the example slider in the secure note below.


Thanks! Is there a way to not use JSON, and just use image objects instead?

Hi @MulderDSM,

Currently, the best way to implement a slider with a looper is using JSON.

Thank you.

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