Translate the Pro Theme

Hello together,

we need help urgently.
We need to translate our Pro site form German to English.
Therefore we already installed the WPML translator, which is obviously not working…

Please tell me an alternative for that plugin. We need a solution for our problem ASAP!

Is the Poedit working with Pro?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello There,

Unfortunately, there are known issues with header builder related to language/translation and our developers are already on it. You may use the standard header for now when it comes to translation.

Please check the following:

Using normal/legacy header, yes you can use Poedit.

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PRO doesn’t work with WPML, We’re in the same boat :frowning:

please let me know if you find a solution, thanks.

Sure, our developers are already on it and it’s been known. It’s one of the priorities that need fixing :wink:

Is there any workaround to use a translated version of a header and/or footer?

We built our website with the Header/Footer builder and while translating I noticed that i cannot translate the headers/footers - or use a translated header/footer version for the translated pages…

Hi There,

You can create a different header and footer and assign to different pages, so if you don´t mind the automatic generated English words by Wordpress which cannot be edited via the editor, you can easily have a multi-language site with PRO only.

When creating a different header, you can assign a different menu, so you can have a Spanish menu assigned to a header and English to another.

Hope it helps

Any update when translate will work? I need a Pro footer in French right now…

If I select a Global Footer and then go in French mode, all I can do is press Translate on my footer. However, it doesn’t work. Also, I can’t create a new footer right now in French mode. Why is that?

Obviously, I can’t use the proposed solution as I don’t need a menu to be translated, I need text “CONTACT AND FOLLOW US” and the copyright notice to be translated.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

There is no news yet but I’ll add this conversation to our issue tracker about the translation. I can reproduce this issue in my installation.


I created a page in English and a page in French as translation. Then I created 2 headers 1 in French and 1 in English . Then when I tried to assign the French header to the French page I simply could not see the page as if only the English pages where visible

Only one header can be assigned to a page, which includes translations of that page. You can create a French translation of the English header by clicking the “translate” button on the Headers index screen. When that header is assigned to the page, it will ensure to show the English header when the English page is being viewed, and the French header when the French page is being viewed.

This is an older topic, so if you need further assistance please feel free to open your own thread.