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Hi there,

I’d like to move my second Website to X as well :medal_sports:. At the moment it is still running on “Twentyseventeen”, a free WP-Theme as you know of course. I just want to make sure before going into probably some night shifts: what’s your experience, will that work out smoothly or will I have to face some severe issues?
Any hint would be nice. Thank you :slight_smile:

Cheers, Karen

Hello Karen,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Here is what you can do to smoothly convert from Twenty Seventeen to X Theme:

  1. I would highly encourage you to first setup a staging server.
  2. Few things to note is that, you might have used WordPress editor to create post and pages. In case you wish to move those contents into Cornerstone then you will have to re-create them using Cornerstone as both Cornerstone and WordPress editor are not backward compatible.
  3. However, you do have the option to let old contents as it is, please note that you can’t update those contents using Cornerstone (reason explained above). For future posts/pages you can use Cornerstone.
  4. Most of the well coded plugins that follows WordPress plugin development guidelines should work absolutely fine in X Theme.
  5. I would highly recommend you to take a look at our theme installation guide and follow the guidelines shared in the same. I am also sharing the link to product validation guide. Please take a look.

6.Our Knowledge-base has all the relevant tutorials that you can take a look to get started with X Theme and Cornerstone.

Let us know how it goes.


Hello Prasant,

thank you so much for all this helpful information! I started working with X-Theme in 2015, but so many things, done only once, get forgotten quickly. So I am very glad for your help concerning validation etc.

I installed X alright und the child theme as well and had a quick look at the page with “preview” - actually it is a mess (it was built with “Elementor”). I guess I will rebuild most elements with Cornerstone. That will take some time and I will get back to you sooner or later, I suppose … :smiley:

Thank you again, I appreciate your help very much.

You’re very welcome. I’m very glad that Prasant was able to help you. Our team is always on standby if you need us!

Have a great day!

Right, Matt, here I am, that went fast :smiley:
So I started with home page and rebuilt it. Three major problems occurred:

  1. Font manager is not quite working. When I enable font manager, the page texts and headlines go crazy. I did install font templates beforehand properly. But as said the manager is not working and I picked the font from dropdown. Which means I can’t really adjust font size properly.
  2. I can’t manage to set layout to full width. There is this kind of greyish background I can’t get rid of. See screenshot.

    And 3. How can I get rid of the word “start” above the pic? It’s the name of the specific page and all over the site. I switched off all blog options but it won’t disappear (see same screenshot).

It would be great if you could give me a hand with these issues. I’m more or less stuck at the moment.

Thanks and regards, Karen

Hi Karen,

Hope you’re well today.

I have checked the Theme Options on your site and enable the Font Manager and it seems to work fine and I am not seeing any issue with the text and headlines. See screencast below. Please try to clear your cache and refresh the page and try again,

Please click on the gear icon in Cornerstone then set the page template to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer.

You can change it in Design > MenĂĽs then change the menu items from there.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade,

thank you! You just saved my afternoon :slight_smile: and things are getting much better.
Changing template solved two issues at once. I’ve got font manager running, too.
And really, I am very happy to be working with Cornerstone on both pages now.

One more thing. I know that I have to rebuild every page, like Prasant said yesterday, as Elementor and Cornerstone are not compatible. I would like to use the edited page though to do this, is that possible?
I mean: when I open a page built in Elementor with Cornerstone it is blank, of course. Can I use the template and rebuild elements there? I would like to to this because all my pages are introduced to google and listed and everything. Or is it “not clean”? It’s kind of difficult to explain…
Thank you very much for helping. I hope you’re fine on this Monday :slight_smile:

Hello Karen,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I am slightly confused with this. Can you please elaborate?

However, let me try answer as per my understanding. Elementor Page Builder has templates system, if you meant that using Elementor Page Builder contents imported using it’s templates into Cornerstone, unfortunately that’s not possible.

In case you are referring to Cornerstone templates, sure you can use that but before you need to create contents using Cornerstone.

In case I misinterpreted you question, please clarify and we will be happy to assist you. :slight_smile:


Hi Prasant,
I knew this one would be difficult :slight_smile: I think I’d have even problems explaining this in my mother tongue.

I would like to use the old templates, which - as page - is listed in Yoast SEO, in Google. Permalinks und everything else are very good. If I build a completely new page my ranking will go down and I’ll have to do all these redirections etc.
So what I thought of was tricky:
First I open the page in question in Elementor und empty it completely, then save.
Then I open the emptied page with Cornerstone und build my sections and elements. Save, and done - that’s how my non-tech-brain hopes it might work :smiley:

Shouldn’t that work? Could that work? Or would you advise against?


Hi @x-vision,

That should work, as long as the indexed URL and information are still there. It’s not related to a template, but the content you’re trying to display so it should work.

And I recommend doing the content in the cornerstone in the separate pages and hidden, then export its content as cornerstone templates then import them to those indexed pages immediately. Hence, don’t empty them if you don’t have
ready content to replace it.


Thank you Rad,
I appreciate your help :slight_smile:
It’s getting late over here so I’ll try that tomorrow morning. Just want to make sure I got you right:

  • So for every page I create a new draft in Cornerstone with the content I want and save as template.
  • Then I open the indexed page with all the Elementor stuff in Cornerstone, and import the Cornerstone template. What overwrites all the Elementor stuff. Save, and done.
    That’s the way it should work out?

Regards, Karen

Hello Karen,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Yes, absolutely. For each page, you should create the page in Cornerstone (draft mode) and then save it as a template. After that open the indexed page and import the content. Please make sure to give special attention to links and there linking.


Good morning everybody :slight_smile:

what a pity - the plan sounded genious, but in reality it is not working. I proceeded exactly as suggested, unfortunately the old content won’t disappear. Loading the new template worked “technically”, but it doesn’t show at all. Only the old stuff made with Elementor, and that won’t move, not one pixel.
I thought you might be interested in this unforeseen result for further people having the same idea when moving to Cornerstone.
Guess I have no other choice as to build every page from scratch. Well…

Thanks you for your kind assistance. Things really were worth a try :smiley:

Hey Karen,

I have tested replacing Elementor content with Cornerstone’s in my test site and it works. Maybe you’re using a caching plugin? If so, you need to clear all caches including your browser cache. If that does not help, please open a separate thread for this specific issue and give us WP admin credentials in a Secure Note so we could see what’s happening on your end.


Hi Christian,

when I read your message, I was almost through with rebuilding :slight_smile: So the problem ist solved, without knowing what went wrong in my backend. I had switched off my caching plugin of course and emptied browser cache, all the obvious things.
Actually I’m quite happy after all with the “clean” new pages. Even when it took more time.

Thanks anyway and have a nice day

You’re most welcome, Karen.

Have a nice day as well. :slight_smile:

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