So images are not indexed?

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Holy Crap! H-U-G-E SEO miss here.

So basically in Cornerstone we have no control over SEO indexing of the images? OMG I had no idea.

The issues with SEO, optimization for Google pagespeed and other issues are so bad that I will likely have to look elsewhere for a theme.

This is bad guys.


Please note that that thread is old and is referring to an old version of the theme X 6.0.4

The theme latest version as of now is

X 6.3.8, Cornerstone 3.3.8

Please also note that the theme has no SEO issues. The problem was that Yoast can’t properly access the content of our V2 elements to analyze but everything still outputs correctly on the front end

With regards to google page speed , kindly refer to the link below


While I respect the fact that the thread did have some days behind it, the issue remains: Lack of compatibility with the most widely used and most effective SEO tool on the planet, Yoast. This is a major issue in and of itself. The fact that you all do not collaborate or see any benefit in working through those issues is ridiculous.

The fact that Yoast cannot access the V2 elements is a serious issue. For sitemaps, those images found on pages that rely on Google search have all but disappeared from Google in the past few months of releases of X. This has been a major killer to our organic traffic. X’s unwillingness to deal with this is just being smug at best.

As to your comment:

That is not true at all and there are a number of seo issues with X that you all continue to gloss over. While not often referred to but very important to page ranking is Page Speed… The bloat of CSS, HTTP Requests and Javascript that X causes without opportunity to minify, slows pages down immensely. In tests run by GTMetrix, Pingdom, Google Page Speed…these issues are rampant and cause for more than 1/2 of the page speed issues on many of my sites running X.

As well, the duplication of Alt Tags for images instead of utilizing built in Alt Tags from the Media manager has also caused issues.

Add in the fact that Cornerstone does not allow Yoast to read the text…another issue.

The plugin “The Grid” continues to have compatibility issues that cause system load issues and parsing issues due to it’s incompatibility with Yoast’s prominent words SEO functionality.

The blatant manner in which everything is “coming soon” is getting to be a very tired excuse.
Back in May of this year there was “supposedly” a compatibility upgrade for Yoast…but alas it did not happen…as many things don’t around here.
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Hey @rglohre,

It’s true. Yoast SEO currently does not recognizing images for the XML sitemap and this has been labeled as a bug. Please note that there is complexity behind this. If there’s no fix yet, it does not mean that our company is neglecting the issue. There might also be major road blocks why this issue does not have a solution yet. If Yoast SEO sitemap is important to you, you should use all Classic elements. I know that isn’t the best but that’s what is compatible with Yoast’s sitemap.

Alternatively, you can use a sitemap generator that crawls the actual content of your page unlike Yoast SEO which reads WordPress content.

Regarding your claim:

That is false. The theme’s resources are already minified. Cornerstone’s CSS output is also minified.

The theme also is only a part of your website’s speed. You should be optimizing your site using performance optimization plugins. We have a general guide posted by Paul. Here it is again:

This is not an SEO issue. There’s an ALT field in the Image element. This is more of a usability concern rather than SEO.

Please read this:

Please use a lighter grid plugin. Yoast SEO is already heavy on the page editor. Adding in more functionality to the page will surely cause lag.

With all due respect, we’re not making any excuses here. The compatibility was for Yoast Page Analysis which was release last May. See

UPDATED: Allow Yoast to analyze pages and posts made with the content builder.

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