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hey guys,
I’ve heard some different things regarding Cornerstone and SEO. I was wondering if you could clear the air for me a little bit.
I’ve heard cornerstone automatically integrates it’s own SEO and that I don’t have to worry about it. Does that mean using plugins like Yoast SEO are useless with the theme (I have inquired with your team before about using Yoast SEO with conerstone because all of my pages register as “need impovment” but I was told this was normal?)? Do you have any solutions or suggestions on how I can better rank my site on search engines using Cornerstone (plugins, etc.) or is the native SEO features of Cornerstone sufficient?

Hello @morgand377,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

May I request you to please take a look at following thread related with Yoast SEO and Cornerstone.

You can continue using Yoast SEO plugin as it has bunch of other features that can be utilised. However, at the moment Yoast SEO can’t detect Cornerstone content (reason explained in above thread) and our developers are working to fix the problem.

Other then page optimisations, these days search engines are taking page load time into consideration when ranking websites. I suggest you to please take a look at our performance optimisation guide to imperative page load time.


Any update on this? What about Squirrly SEO?

No. I periodically ask them the status every now and then (because ive built my entire business on wordpress SEO and i just can’t get over how great cornerstone’s interface and support is, the only thing thing that kind of sucks is their SEO) and they always respond with something like “our developers are working on it, you could try Yoast SEO, but it doesnt work very well because its not optimized for cornerstone”. Hopefully they release something soon because I’ve been waiting a while and its pretty important.

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Hello @morgand377,

I can understand your frustration. However, we have started doing internal beta testing for the next release of X, Pro and Cornerstone that’s broadly going to be one of our biggest releases ever. The focus of this release was stability (bug fixes), performance, and usability improvements. It also includes Yoast SEO compatibility with Cornerstone i.e Allow Yoast to analyze pages and posts made with the content builder.

After internal beta testing we plan to do a beta testing with close group of public users and after collecting the feedbacks and working on them, we hope to release for everyone.

At the moment I can’t give you an ETA but can assure you that we are fast-tracking every thing and very soon we will launch this update.


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