Slider objective

Hope you can help please?

Without using Rev Slider, using the location of the nav arrows and the new brilliant native sliders what would be the best way to create a slider that slides the text in the Day Trips Box AND the background image on selection of the next slide?

Thanks for your help

Hello @wolfproductions,

Thanks for writing in! You can set the Section, Row, Column elements as static elements. You can use DIV elements as a container of your Slider and the Slider Pagination so that the slides are the only ones that will change and not the background image or other elements. Maybe something like these element structure:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ruenel,

Not sure I understand… I need the nav arrows to change the background image AND the content in the box

Please can you give me the exact instructions on how to achieve this? Thanks so much

Hey @wolfproductions,

I’ve created a slider that changes the background image and content in the box, please check the .tco files in the secure note. You can just re-arrange them to your desired layout.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Marc,

Only seem to be able download one file and I am not sure what to do with it??


Apologies if I am being dim…

Hello, @wolfproductions,

You need to download this template and import it through the Cornerstone—>Template. Please have a look at our doc to learn more about how to import templates.

After importing the template you can insert the template into the page.