“Siteground Optimizer” plugin Need to resolve conflict issues

There clearly is an issue with the “Siteground Optimizer” plugin and your PRO theme. Siteground is a very popular hosting provider and the “Siteground Optimizer” plugin is the best way to clear cache at the server level from the website - therefore it is used on a lot of websites. The “Siteground Optimizer” plugin also has some nice caching and other features that would be nice to use. Is Themeco reaching out to Siteground to resolve the conflict issues?

Hi @jvedder,

Thanks for reaching out!

To resolve the issue, in the SG optimizer plugin on the site head over to the front end optimization tab and toggle off Minify Javascript files. This minification is what is stopping the editor from loading.

Hope that helps.

Thank you. However, my question is broader. Are you communicating with SiteGround so we will not have ongoing issues with your theme and their plug-in? You both are big players whose products should work together without this type of breakage.

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Hi Judy,

For now, there is no update about it, but rest assured that this has been submitted to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it

Thank you for understanding,

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Hi @jvedder,

I’m sorry for not posting this sooner, but I wanted to add some thoughts here.

  • In X, Pro, and Cornerstone we follow all the WordPress best practices for managing front end assets (CSS/JS)
  • We also minify those assets ourselves with each release. You shouldn’t need to use another system to minify them again.
  • By “minified” I mean that we run post processing to convert our human readable source files into much smaller files. Variable and function names are shortened, whitespace is removed, and other techniques are applied to produce valid javascript that takes up the least amount of space possible.
  • When it comes to optimization systems, the burden of responsibility lies primarily with that system. Our files are valid javascript, and should be a valid input, but there is a possibility of failure if the system doesn’t properly parse and handle those files.
  • What happens periodically, is that optimization systems like SiteGround’s minifier will not properly parse code that is already minified, resulting in broken output. There is nothing we can do about this on our end.

A good analogy would be imagining a set of physical parts that need to be shipped in a box. We take care to use space efficiently and package our parts neatly in the smallest box possible. SiteGrounds optimizer unpackages everything and sorts the parts again, then tries to repackage them in a new box. We don’t have control over that process, and there isn’t a way to ensure they don’t break things during that repackaging stage.

Our recommendation is to disable the minifier entirely. Unfortunately if you want to use it, there is the possibility of it failing.

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thanks. I disabled CSS and JS minifier. now it’s working

Hi Guido,

Glad that we are able to help you.