Saving Header Edits on Pro - Conflict with Plugins

There is a conflict with Yoast SEO and Litespeed Cache plugins when activated together. When both are activated, saving header edits do not stick after Save. To stick I also have to take the addtional step of going into content edit and saving again. This additional step is not required when either one of these plugins are deactivated. Note this problem only exists when these plugins are activated together. Is this a bug? Thx

Hello @PlanetPluto,

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There might be a case of memory getting exhausted. Please increase the PHP Memory Limit of your server. Click here for more detailed information and how to increase the PHP memory limit.

If you still have problems kindly get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Thank you.

Hi @PlanetPluto,

Thank you for the credentials but I can’t replicate the issue. The header keeps my edits (yes LiteSpeed Cache and Yoast SEO are enabled), please provide a walkthrough on how we can replicate the issue, what content you’re adding to the header.

Please purge your LiteSpeed Cache and clear your browser’s cache.

Then exclude the /pro/#/ from being cache (emphasized text)

Another thing, please resolves this mixed content images, this might also the culprit of the issue. Since some user-agent (browser) block this content.

Since there are only 4 of those images you can manually re-set those images (remove then re-add). Else you can follow the guide provided here.


Hi, could you please explain further. I will provide a walkthrough a bit later. Meanwhile can you help with:

  • If I purge LiteSpeed Cache, are you saying it is incompatible with X theme?
  • How do I exclude the /pro/#/ from being cache (emphasized text). I don’t know what you mean.
  • When you say remove then add images, are you saying remove them from WP and re-add or just remove and re-add to web page in builder? (I did not find your link explained this).

Apologies if these questions are basic but my web-speak is not at your level.

Thanks for getting back. The response times on this site are truly amazing. Thx

OK, here is the walkthrough checked again and the problem still exists so you can replicate.

It is happening when I make change to an existing element (chrome browser on PC). In the centre Header block there is a phone icon and a phone number. If I change the text colour, the phone icon colour changes (not the actual number strangely enough). I then “save”. This save does not stick. The change does not show on another PC or ipad when refreshed. It does not show even if I log out of WP. It only sticks if I log back into Header edit (the edit is still there) and then do a “content” save. The colour change then happens on live site on other devices.

Please try this walkthrough and you should see this effect. Thx

Hi @PlanetPluto,

Thank you for the clarification, yes I see what you’re seeing now, but that is your cache. When I do “Purge Cache” the changes take effect immediately (please see this screencast). It’s not that LiteSpeed Cache is not compatible with the Theme, it’s just the caching is so aggressive.

Since you’re still developing the site, we advise that you disable the caching for now (LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > General)

That is normal because you wrapped the number with anchor tag.

<a href="tel:1300 39 19 00">1300 39 19 00</a>

If you want to change that number color, please add this to your headline element css area

$el a {
  color: red;

It would be easier if you had used the Button element for your contact number instead.

Hope this shed some lights,

Thank you. Is there a better plugin that speeds up the page load. I’ve put the required code also on the server so that Litespeed works the way it should.

Also, could you please advise about the other question raised. You mention that I should do something with the “mixed content images”. How do I reset them. thx

P.S. Yes I’ll try the button for the number.

Hi @PlanetPluto,

We could not tell which is better that is all depends on your configurations. See some of our performance tips here.

Yes about that “mixed content images”, please find these images on your page (home and contact) and remove then re-add it in the page (no, not re-upload).


Thanks, the support here is truly exceptional. Thanks @friech!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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