Revolution slider: How to create an opt-in using aweber

I am wondering if it is possible to create an opt-in button integrating with aweber inside of revolution slider.

I am able to do this outside of revolution slider but it seems that would be one of the main purposes for adding revolution sliders would be to make a more nice looking opt-in.


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The request you have here, we never tried in our end also doesn’t have similar request from any other customer.
The request is out side of our theme support scope, so we encourage you to please contact a developer who can help you on this or you can contact opt-in people, they might have a solution for this.

Mean while you can check Revolution slider documentation for possible solution.

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I find it hard to believe that no one is interested to use revolution slider for getting customers but only want to use it to make pretty place holders that take up internet real estate without having a function. So I did more research and found out that most people who build web sites do want to use them for getting customers.

I have found one way of doing this is to use pop up maker to make a pop up that opens from the revolution slider button and use gravity forms, bloom, or some other form builder to put an opt in in the pop up.

gravity forms display in pop up

Put optin pop up in revolution slider

That is one way of accomplishing this and I’m sure there are several other ways of doing it.

Thank you for sharing this. For the opt-in forms, we have other options at hand in the theme which you may be interested in. One is the ConvertPlus plugin which is part of the Extensions which you can install from X > Overview page.

The other one is the Content Dock.

Also, maybe if you want to integrate with your MailChimp account you can try the Email Forms plugin.

Thank you.

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