Pro/Cornerstone Using Font Manager with Externally Hosted @font-face resources

Hi guys,

Inquiring to the timeline when the Font Manager in Pro/Cornerstone will start supporting @font-face for custom fonts. We’ve seen a few foundries pull away their fonts from Typekit/Adobe Fonts and as a result, externally hosted font resources will have to be included via @font-face in the future.

Currently, if I use @font-face in CSS, there is no Font Manager support, which is a big hangup for user-friendliness with clients. Unfortunately, a lot of foundries charge such extravagant prices to provide the font files, as they want to monitor pageviews so they recommend @font-face implementations. This kind of squeezes me, and the client by extension, in an awkward position where X/Pro doesn’t properly support custom fonts with this method, but the foundries make it cost-prohibitive to work otherwise.


Hello Meng,

Unfortunately there is no official request for this at the moment thus I cannot give you a timeline. I have just added it to our list of feature requests. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive. Thanks!

Hi @lely

Thanks for acknowledging it! :slight_smile: I’m surprised this was not known and higher on the priority list already. The Custom Fonts option only allows uploads rather than external resources by URL, so it’s not a full substitute to include font with @font-face or @import

I’ve found plenty of threads in the forum regarding the matter, many of which end up with a regretful “Sorry Font Manager doesn’t support this option right now but we’re going to add it to our backlog”. It should have been known for some time already? Here’s a quick selection:

Hope this helps illustrate the importance of this ticket :slight_smile: not to overstep, but it should be relatively easy to implement right? Both me and evidently many of your users should be happy to see this kind of update to improve the customization power of X/Pro! Please discuss with the development team, thanks a lot :smiley:

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Hey Meng,

We certainly appreciate your feedback. Your request has been added to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it.

Thank you for your understanding!

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