Pro 6.4.6 - further insight on the image parameter bugs and SEO issues

I was working on an older site that I have not updated to the latest version of pro and noticed that all of the issues I have brought up here before are not present. The site is running Pro 6.2.9.

This is related to these older posts:

Both are caused by the {{dc:p:image}} being resolved as a url before being passed to the Image element partial.

On the site still running Pro 6.2.9, the image parameter is being pulled through to the Image correctly and is bringing in the Alt Tag, Width and Height properly.

Some time between Pro 6.2.9 and Pro 6.3.9 this breaking change has been made to the way the parameters are being resolved before being passed to certain elements.

I would appreciate this issue being fixed, as updating will cause a huge number of images across a number of sites to display incorrectly: not bringing in correct Alt Tags and dimension properties.

Have you been able to have a look at this issue at all?


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This is connected to the alt text post you made earlier. All image parameter fields should auto pull the defaults again in the next point release. Thanks for the info, have a great day.

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Fantastic! Glad it will be sorted soon.


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