Pro 5.0.0 - Warnings on Mobile After Updating

When I installed Pro 5.0.0 on my site, it displayed fine on desktop but as soon as I accessed the site on mobile, hundreds of warnings preceded my first section, like the following: " Warning: cs_remember/cs_recall used outside of builder context. I reverted back to Pro 4.3.3 via a backup and the warnings go away.

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for reaching out to us. After doing the updates, always remember to clear all caches (if you are using WP Rocket, WP SuperCache or W3 Total Cache) when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

I would recommend that you create a staging site. This is very useful because you can test drive any X and Pro updates in the staging area, do the customizations and troubleshooting without disrupting your live site. Once everything is perfect, you can easily and flawlessly proceed the update in the live site. To know how to create a staging area, please check out these articles:,

Before upgrading the theme in the staging environment, deactivate all plugins, switch to the default theme and make sure the WordPress and PHP version is up to date (please see the recommended versions here

If the issue persists then please get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your staging WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


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Hi there,

I’m sorry you’re running into this issue. This is one of the known issues with Pro 5.0.0, but is has been corrected in the first point release which is going out on automatic updates imminently.

Thank you, @alexander!

You’re welcome!

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