Post Pagination Element is not showing

Hi, I recently face a problem with one of the cornerstone elements not showing, both in the editing platform and when published, whereas the other elements work just fine. The problematic element is Post Pagination, and I need it urgently to show all posts. Please help!

Hello Andita,

Thanks for writing in!

Please be advised that the Post Pagination element will only work if you use this element in an Archive layout, (Cornerstone > Layout Builder). You cannot use this on a normal page or a single layout.

Best Regards.

Hi Ruenel,

Thanks for writing back so quickly!
I now understood what you meant, just one more question:
Can I make a layout archive and implement it as a different, singular page, without overwriting my homepage? (I watched the tutorial video)

Because I’m planning to show the post on separate page rather than showing them as my homepage.

Thanks a lot!

HI Andita,

Yes, you can create a layout archive without overwriting your homepage. Just create your design in the layout builder and assign it to archive pages or singular pages.

Hope that helps.