New Version roll-out for X Theme crashing sites everywhere

Man, you guys are killing me with the latest version roll-out of X theme. It’s crashing all my customers web-sites all over the place and I’m having to stop everything and do fresh manual installs to get them fixed. I have a huge list of sites I have to go in and fix. What happened with the latest roll-out??

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Even when I try to rename the theme folders to “X-old”, I’m still unable to get into the dashboard, it still shows “critical error”!! What can I do now?

Hello @bluetroop2,

Thanks for writing to us.

In order to help you with your concerns we need to check your settings I would request you, please share the admin login details. Please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin-level username and password
  • FTP details

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


More to come…

Okay, I think I fixed this one, but can you please help with these two?..

On those accounts, I tried uploading a current version of X thru the file manager and and unarchive it, and get getting the message I’ve attached.

WP Error Message

And I’m getting the same error message on this one as well…

Same error message on this one too…

Hello @bluetroop2,

I tried to access the cPanel but the given login requires a one-time password. I would suggest you contact the hosting provider to share the FTP login details. As per your given screenshot, it seems that there is an issue of plugin conflict I would suggest you please use FTP or cpanel and go to the wp-content/plugins/ Now you need to rename the plugins folder one by one and then check which plugin causing the issue.


I will send all FTP info…

This one is for the Dr. Price web-site…

This one is for Alpha Material Handling…

Hello @bluetroop2,

It seems that it is an issue of PHP memory limit issue I would suggest you please have a look at this article to learn more about how to increase the memory limit or you can contact your hosting provider to increase it.

Hope it helps

I’m having a similar issue with my sites that just started, how much PHP memory do you recommend to run the x theme well.

I had the same issue. I had to reinstall X-theme, but now I get this weird line at the top of my pages "

Notice : Function wp_add_inline_style was called incorrectly . Do not pass <style> tags to wp_add_inline_style() . Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.7.0.) in /var/www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5865

How do i fix this?

I followed instructions, if did not work for these…
(can you please check?)…

The article says… " 512M means 512 megabytes. That is our recommended memory limit for X and Pro."

Hello @bluetroop2,

It seems that it was an issue with the WordPress 6.2 version I went ahead and updated the theme and the plugin and plugin which is conflicting is been deactivated at the moment. Please update the theme and plugin on the other site through the FTP.


Which plug-in?

And is the current version of X supposed to be… Version: 10.2.4?