New User - Cornerstone license won't validate

I recently purchased my first X Theme license via Envato Market. The WP dashboard prompts “Cornerstone” not validated. I enter code as provided in Envato user panel. Code is not recognized. This is a new hosting account. Earlier this afternoon, I transferred hosting and registration to Bluehost from Godaddy.

Please help.

Hello Brian,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

Please never share details like purchase code or login information in public. Always use secure note feature so that information is in between you and Themeco staff.

Bundled Cornerstone that comes with X Theme does not require validation. You only need to validate X Theme. I see that the URL that’s listed in the licence manager page is only using Cornerstone. As you have X Theme licence, the same can’t be used to validate standalone Cornerstone setup. If the requirement is to use only Cornerstone not X Theme, for that you need to purchase a separate Cornerstone licence.

As you have X Theme licence and to continue using Cornerstone, I suggest you to install and activate X Theme. You can download the package from members area or Themeforest downloads section.

Please take a look at following resource for more information .


Thanks for your response. I don’t know what this means.

“As you have X Theme licence, the same can’t be used to validate standalone Cornerstone setup.”

In the secure note I see you’ve highlighted a line of code and made a similar statement. I’m new to this and have absolutely no idea what this means. I bought the X Theme license for this one site. It’s my first time using WP.

Are you saying I can’t use Cornerstone to modify a WP Theme that didn’t come from X-Theme or that I can’t use Cornerstone to modify a WP Theme that didn’t come from X-theme without buying a stand alone license?

The URL for the page you cite in the secure note is a temporary location that was assigned to my new Bluehost account while I was transferring things over from GoDaddy. It’s not the actual site. That I intended to use X-Theme with. Is this contributing to the problem?

The licenses should be associated with the URL spelled out on the page not the one in the address window. Does that make sense?

I’m sorry for being such a noob, and thank you for your help.

I just bought a Cornerstone license.

I’m not sure if that’s what I needed to do, but it worked.

Thanks again for your reply.

Hi Brian,

Glad you sorted things out and thank you for purchasing Cornerstone license. But it seems you got confused, base on your screenshot you were not able to install the X theme or maybe you did but it’s not complete, why I said that is because I don’t see the X panel between the Dashboard and Posts panel (see your screenshot above).

But somehow you were able to install the Cornerstone, and because you did not have the X theme the Cornerstone acts as a Standalone, that is why it asks for validation, but you were not able to use your first validation code (the one you showed above) because that is for X.

If you were able to install the X theme and validate it, it will automatically install the bundled Cornerstone and will not ask for validation.

Theme Installation

Besides from ThemeForest account page, you can also download an updated X theme from the APEX Dashboard.

I think that is part of the issue, because on your screenshot it seems you’re uploading the package zip from ThemeForest, but you should have extracted that first and upload only the file which is inside of that package.

Hope this shed some lights,

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