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Hello Guys,

I have this theme bought with multiple licenses for pro ( one I use on and one I use on ).

I have been working with multiple freelancers on this project and that’s why I have so many staging devs for it but only 2 licenses.

Currently I’m working personally on this one here:

The client needs a mobile menu like this one here

You will see that I half-implemented it I would say but I still don’t know how to split it in multiple parts and add multiple elements.

Here is also the WP access so that you guys can use to look over what I have there. If you guys make any change, please make a backup first so that we won’t risk anything.

I’m sure there should be a way to add blocks or something but I don’t know how. Please help me with some guidance…

Thank you so so much!

And besides what I wrote above, I have 4 more needs:

1: I can’t make the footer global on all pages. The footer feature of X theme isn’t working. I don’t know what kind of problem is causing this not to function but but it doesn’t show up
2: I want to make the youtube icon in the footer smaller (I think it can be done with the font-size CSS property but it gets somehow overwritten and I can’t leave it to the font size I want)
3: I need to create a page like this one here: (if you click the image, it will zoom in).
4: When someone scrolls the page, I need to have the subscribe form appear in a bottom-fixed position like here:

An answer regarding each of these would be so helpful. I really appreciate your work, guys and that’s why I keep buying your products. Because I trust and appreciate the quality you guys offer.

Help a client in need please.

Hello @michelangelo91,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. I am not quite sure about the problem you are facing with the first question regarding the need to add multiple parts or element. Can you please elaborate? If you are looking to add background as shown in the screenshot you shared then that can be done using menu-id. To find out menu id, please take a look at following article.
  2. On my end I see that footer is global and the changes are getting reflected on all pages. Please see screenshot.
  3. Well this looks to me like a photo gallery kind of feature. You can take a look at WordPress plugins to implement this feature. Here is a Google search result for you to get started. Please Click here.
  4. You can use Convert Plus plugin and in that Info bar module to create a fixed subscription form. You can instal ConvertPlus from Pro > Validation > Extensions. You can also take a look at the getting started guide.

Note: It’s a humble request please don’t add fresh replies after you have created the ticket as it pushes the ticket back into the queue and slows the response time. If you have additional info to share please edit the post and update the same.


Hi @michelangelo91

Thanks for writing in, here you are my suggestions regarding building your website as needed:

1- I suggest building every part in this menu mock up separately via Global Blocks, then combining all of them via shortcodes in “Content Area Off Canvas” header element.

To do so, please follow these guides:

2- The footer won’t appear on your homepage as the page has no footer layout, please check this screenshot:

3- To control the size for the YouTube icon only, you can use this CSS code:

.x-column .x-anchor-button:nth-child(3) {
    font-size: 1.6em;

For all the icons, use this one:

.x-column .x-anchor-button {
    font-size: 1.6em;

For sure, it will be better to add a custom CSS class to this section, so your selector be like:
.custom_css_class .x-anchor-button

4- I’m not really sure which feature exactly you don’t know how to achieve on this page?

5- Both, “Content Dock” or “ConvertPlug Plus” extensions which are bundled with Pro theme can achieve that, please follow their guides here:


Thank you very much for your reply, guys. Sorry for the multiple replies. I did not know that I have to just edit my current post.

I haven’t ever used Global blocks. I also never used Content Dock, just ConvertPlus.

Regarding point 3 (the single blog post view), I need to create a single page blogpost view (the one that’s actually served by single.php I think) that’s going to look like the one in the link I provided. You will see it has a forward/backwords navigation, in the top right we can see the category the blog post belongs to, on the top left we have a back button and at the beginning of the post we have the author name (on the left) and the date (on the right).

Is not the image gallery that matters from that page but actually all this post meta information that’s displayed in multiple places.

Also, regarding the menu, I need to somehow make sure all the menu elements that show up in the header from the desktop view will be visible on mobile, too (for example on mobile I now miss the sign up button and the language changer links - the language changer links is generated by a shortcode I added).

So I would need to implement all the elements and design (you can see on the mobile menu design link that when the mobile menu is opened, the bottom section is splitted from the top part of the menu and it also has a different background color).

Hi michelangelo91,

This is nearly impossible to be of a help with that much of information. Please focus only on one matter and open up a separate thread for the additional requests.

I will follow up with the original request.

Our theme does not have a mobile view like the one you mentioned in the screenshot. If you want to have that kind of menu which is a very specific one you will need to hire a developer and have custom code that features.

The only elements and systems we have for the mobile menu are as follows:

Please consider that custom coding is outside of our support scope.

Thank you.

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