Language changes in comments and reviews

Hi there,

I am quite happy with the X Theme.
At the moment I could not figure out one problem by myself so I hope you can help me with this.
I set the language of the website to german - most things work fine.
But in the comment and review section some parts are still shown in english.
Buttons like “Submit” or “Submit Review” as well as “edit” and “reply” (a comment) or informations like "Be the First to Review… " or “leave a comment” and “*Your Comment” in a comment/review text-box.

All the information about similar problems I could find in the forum suggested some changes in php but there must be another solution as with other themes e.g. with Twenty Seventeen this translation problem is not existing.
Actually it can’t really be a translation problem as the translations in other themes are working and correct. That’s why I don’t really wanted to do any changes regarding the translation in the php.

Thanks a lot for your help!!
best regards,

Hello Vin,

Thanks for writing in!

Have you translated your site properly? To know how you can translate the X theme to your own language, please check out this knowledge base article:

If you are using WooCommerce plugin, you will need to translate it too:

Hope this helps.

thank you for your answer.
Actually I was looking to change the language of the X theme for quite a while prior to my question here.
Unfortunately I could not find it. I assumed that there is no other language available for the theme itself.

Even your suggested kb-article did not help. I read it four times but could not find anything about selecting a different language.

I had the problems with the comments even before installing WooCommerce and within the whole shop area I have no proplems with any translations other then comments and reviews. So WooCommerce should not be the issue.

Maybe I am just to stupid to change the language of the theme. Your help with this is very much appreciated!

Hello Vin,

The theme itself is only in English. You will have to translate the keyword which goes with the theme to your own language. And that is why I gave you the knowledge base article in translating your theme. For easier management of the translation, you can install WPML plugin instead.

Hope this make sense.

It probably makes sense I just don’t get it.
The article only shows the the download and correct installation of the theme. I read it again a fourth time but not a single time it says anything about language nor translating.
I also don’t understand why another plugin should be necessary. As I said before with other free themes the translations I am looking for are working without any extra effort.

As I have seen other non-english-websites which are using X theme having the exact same issues (probably most not very accurate admins won’t even notice because the major part is translated just fine) it is probably something your developers might want to look into.

Is there any other solution?

Best regards,

Hello Vin,

I might given you the incorrectly link.
Please check out this article instead:

Hope this helps.

Hello RueNel,

so there is really no other/more user friendly solution?

I really enjoy your theme in general so no offense. I just wanted to add that if switching to a ordinary free theme solves this problem (which many others users experience too) there is some room for development.
Don’t you agree?

I don’t understand why I get only instructions to do translations and installing plugins if I wrote:


I would be happy to get an answer.

Best regards,

Hi Vin,

X theme is translatable and it only displays the strings provided by the System (which is Wordpress and translation plugin if available).

Wordpress and translation plugins uses the same or similar code to the one you’re adding in functions.php (PHP), the difference is just you’re directly supplying your preferred strings with that code while Wordpress and translation plugins using language files or database for the string lookup table.

And since the code added to the functions.php works means the translation works, except, maybe something in Wordpress or translation plugins is failing.

Would you mind providing your translated language files (po file)? I’ll check and test it on my installation.


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