I've bought two licenses

Is it normal I can’t use the hub?
I would like to download the app page.

Hi there,

Sorry I did not understand exactly what you mean by the hub? If you are talking about the APP demo, then you first need to Setup the theme:

Then Validate the product:

Then import the demo:

I suggest that you check the SETUP section of our knowledgebase index for more information:

If that is not what you meant kindly get back to us with more detailed information about the request.

Thank you.


I mean the SADE template.
See screenshot.


Hi there,

Please kindly consider that the WP Bakery Visual COmposer plugin is a bundled extension of our theme. You only have access to the plugin itself but you can not use the templates of that plugin. To do so you will need to purchase the plugin itself.

Please read the Bundled Version section of the article below for more information:

Thank you.

Ahha okay so there’s the problem. I get it.

You are most welcome!

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