Issue with Cornerstone in Pro and Main Menu

Hi, I just started using my third license with X to create a new website ( and decided to upgrade to Pro, while my other 2 websites are in X and I’m used to X functionalities.

Now I realized that there are no demos in Pro and I used the “modules” in the cloud sections as a blueprint for the header and the footer but I’m having the following issues:

  1. Cornerstone cannot be installed properly because I get this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Plugin_Base, because the name is already in use in /home/keepcal0/public_html/ on line 6

  2. I’m using a header (can’t remember the name of the sample I’ve used) but It’s the same for every header I use. The main Menu I’ve created can’t be seen anywhere and if I change the Menu from the sample already there (which is not bad and I’d like to keep it) to the menu I have created it becomes a mess and I want a menu in a simple bar below the header (attached to the header as I have in my other websites using X) .

Something like this:

This way I can keep the secondary menu over there in the header and the main menu (which will be a Uber Menu) like in the image but without the logo in this case)

  1. If I try to retrieve some demo content to create parts of the home page, it doesn’t even show me what i have downloaded like it did with the header and footer where it showed my uploaded demos.

  2. Now that I have switched the home page to a static page, the blog default page disappeared as it asks me which page do I want to associate with my blog posts. In X they go straight to the default blog page. How am I supposed to have the blog page in here (I also want to add that to my main menu)

  3. I’ve noticed that Pro is way more complicated than X and less intuitive for some things. Do you have some videos explaining the main settings? The articles I’ve found take up a lot of time and sometimes for non-developers, are even more confusing.

I am clearly not a developer but I’ve always like the flexibility I had with X that’s why I’ve stuck with it for all of my websites but it’s getting more and more difficult to catch up with all the options and no clear explanations (in the beginning I remember some very useful video tutorial for X)

Thank you

Hello Clelia,

Thanks for writing in!

It seems that as you have converted from X Theme to Pro Theme, Cornerstone plugin is still active. In Pro Theme, Cornerstone plugin is built in and is known as Content Builder. Please deactivate and delete Cornerstone from Plugins > Installed Plugins.

You have the option of checking the structure of the page using Skeleton Mode.

You can set the blog page from Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays > Posts page.

Content builder is same as Cornerstone. To get started with Header and Footer builder, please take a look at following resource.

I also suggest you to take a look at following YouTube Channel as the creator has published very useful video tutorials. I suggest you to take sometime out and find out the videos that interests you related with Pro or X Theme.

Can you please elaborate point number 2? I am a bit confused with the same.


HI Prasant, thanks for taking the time to reply in details. So let’s try to go point by point again:

  1. Got it. I was experimenting and I’ve noticed that instead of cornerstone it has a “pro” builder which is basically the same, so I will delete cornerstone from the plug ins as suggested, thanks.

  2. This is pretty simple. If you go to my main website [] built with X theme, you will see the main Menu bar after the image. (home, blog, work with me and so on). In here if you go to the main page (home) it doesn’t show.

I just realized that not setting that header globally but only for the home page, you can see the menu in a random page, but when I apply a header, it disappears, and only got the secondary menu.

If I wanted to I could place my main menu inside the header of course, as there is the option to choose, but I don’t like the look of it and I want the usual menu bar after the header. Let me know if it’s clear.

  1. I read a bit about this skeleton mode but I don’t think I expressed myself clearly, what I said is that even when I go to the cloud to download something in there and uploading on the website, for the header and footer no problem, what I have uploaded showed on a drop down windows with options to choose which header or footer I wanted.

When it came to doing the same with content (demo content like price tables, sales page etc) It says I have no content uploaded while I indeed uploaded it, hence my confusion.

  1. I went there to do it but on the post page, it doesn’t show news on the drop down, only the new pages I’ve created, here is the screenshot of what I see:

So I’m a bit stuck in here…

  1. I will read a bit more and see if I can manage to understand as many options as possible. It’s frustrating to me as it looks like I have a Ferrari and I drive at 5 miles per hour :slight_smile:

Anyhow, first things first… I need to fix the menu and the blog page as they are important for what I need.

Thanks again!

Hello Clelia,

Thanks for updating the thread.

So, once you apply header to specific page or global heder, it overrides the default header and navigation. So, in Pro Theme post applying the header, you can’t get the default header to show.

After you have installed the element from Design Cloud, you need to first add the element in the preview panel and then select the Preset to import the design. To learn more, please take a look at resource that I shared for Design Cloud in preview reply.

In my screenshot the News link is a page that I created in Pages > All Pages > Add new. After that it will show up the dropdown list to set as blog page. Here’s a screencast.


Hi so a quick recap to see if I understand correctly.

  1. I use the demo header, there is no chance I can have the menu bar below that? Not even modifying the code? I used a normal header for other pages and it looks nice but it’s missing the nicer part of the home header. I want both in the home page (i’m just talking about the white uber menu, not the logo)

  1. I will check it out later as it’s not that important right now but thanks for the link on the other reply

3)I can see you have “blog” among your choices. The blog page is like the home page, they are by default. I created a few empty blog posts and in the bread crumbs it shows this:

I don’t have a page named “blog” it’s the theme deciding for me. And clicking in there it brings me straight to the home page. So whenever I add a new post it’s super confusing where it will go, if to this “blog” page that redirects to the home page, where you can’t see the posts because I’ve put the static page.

If I have to create a page as you suggested, should that page have the specific name “create New News Page” so that it will transform into the default blog? it’s super confusing.


Hi Clelia,

How are you? Hope you’re doing fine. Ok lets, clear things up first as it appears you seem confused with things in PRO. But you should not because X and PRO are basically the same. It’s just PRO has a Header and Footer builder (and no standard demos) but that’s it they are basically the same.

Ok let’s go to your headers, that header below is the standard header right, so if you use that header then you’re just literally like using the X standard header, all settings are on Theme Options make sense?

Now this header:

That header is built-in in PRO’s header builder right? you cannot build that header in X, unless you do customization.

Your homepage is using that header because you assigned it specifically on your homepage/front page.

With that feature, you can actually create one header per page if you like, different page, different header. (but I don’t advice that, it’s too tedious) :slightly_smiling_face:

Your other pages (besides homepage) get the standard header because there is no header assign to them. Basically, it’s the default header. So if you want that cool second header to be the header of all your pages then Make Global that header.

But I want that white menubar on my standard header, you say? No, problem please edit that custom Header on Header builder, add another Bar to that header, and on that bar add one Container, and on that container add a Content Area element where you will paste your UberMenu shortcode.

Sounds complicated? Not at all after you watch this Header and Footer Builder Introduction.

We will answer your other question after we have clear the Header Footer builder.


Hi Friech, thanks so much for taking the time to explain (sorry I let you waste it, as slowly I was trying to figure out the first part you told me) but I’m glad that you did so now I know I was going into the right direction.

For the Menu bar, incredibly I followed your instructions without even reading the Introduction document (yet) and boom! I made it! (I believe that this being a shortcode, whenever I will change something on the Uber menu it will automatically change in here too, right?)


Now on to the other issues, one by one I think I can make it alive :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that,

Yup, that’s right.

But did you know that Header and Footer builder has 5 types of navigation element for you to use.

Maybe on your future headers.

Ok, next issue regarding your home and blog page, have this setup on your Settings > Reading.

Homepage is the one that you can edit in Cornerstone, your actual homepage.
Posts page is the page that will populate your blog posts automatically (commonly named as Blog page)

Create the page named “Blog” if you don’t have that yet so you can assign it to the Posts page dropdown.
The reason you already have that “Home” and “Blog” page on your previous X site is that those are included on the Demo. Now that your site is not based on the demo, you need to do those things manually.

Regarding the demo content issue,

When it came to doing the same with content (demo content like price tables, sales page etc) It says I have no content uploaded while I indeed uploaded it, hence my confusion.

I need more context on that, please clarify which demo content did you use (you can refer here), and where did you see this dialog “It says I have no content uploaded” screenshot of the dialog would be helpful.


Thanks again!

I have one question regarding the blog page. I know I could easily create one, for sure, but the home page is the default from the Theme, I can see it in the pages. And on my other 2 websites also the blog has the grey line indicating that it’s a theme default page where, whenever I write a blog post it goes straight to that page.

This is the homepage and the theme added “Pagina Iniziale” (Initial page)

Then, if you go to a blog post, I can see the default breadcrumbs add this blog denomination, and if I click in there it redirects to the home page. I didn’t create that, I simply allowed breadcrumbs.

I now created the blog page but as I was saying, not being a default page for new blog posts, even added to the menu, if i click on it it shows just a normal empty page with the title, am I missing a step in here? how can that page become the default for blog post to go there automatically like in every theme? Usually every theme has at least 2 default pages: the home and the blog one. Hence my confusion.


Hi Clelia,

I see that you created a Blog page ( but you did not assign it as the Posts page

Navigate to Settings > Reading. set the “Home” page as Homepage and set the “Blog” page as the Posts Page

I hope that’s clear.

You’re right, thanks. I fixed it.

Now I decided to go for the Ethos stack (the other 2 websites are on integrity. I wanted to know if it’s possible to remove the carousel from the blog page and the archive /categories pages as I added the other feature with the slideshow for the blog post and it’s super “crowded” like this. But I’d like to keep the carousel on the other normal pages.


Hello Clelia,

Yes, you can add following CSS under Pro > Theme Options > CSS:

.archive.category .x-post-carousel {
    display: none;

.blog .x-post-carousel {
    display: none;


Thank you very much, it worked perfectly!

I know it’s not your business to help me in figure out all the theme features and I’m doing my best to read as much as I can figuring things out so I’m trying to ask the minimum possible in here.

There is something else I wanted to ask:

  1. In the sidebar The titles are still in English, is there a way to fix that to the right language?

  2. Sidebar customization, is there a guide? What I wanted to do was change the color of the titles and being able to try them with or without a box around them

  3. (this is pretty annoying). When I use the “latest blog posts” from the builder, if I have long titles they get cut out (see image below). Is something I can fix?

  1. Does the theme have already a function (shortcode or similar) to display the related posts according to category/tag or whatever other criteria I choose? I know there are plugins for this but I am trying to reduce the number of external ones as much as I can.

  2. Very Important: On my other 2 websites I used the demos and somehow I was able to implement a child theme (I understand it’s important to avoid losing all the customizations after the theme updates. Do I have one now? Or should I create one, if so… how? It’s been a while since I did it for the other websites and I was using the demos so I don’t want to mess this up.

If you have some guide or article I can read about the Ethos Stack It would be great so If I have to solve other issues, maybe I can find them in there (example, I want to know if I can feature pages or categories on the carousel but I didn’t find the answer yet)

Thanks again for your help, Much appreciated!

Hi Clelia,

  1. Please go to Admin > Appearance > Widgets and change the title of your widgets. But, if you’re referring to translation using a plugin, then I recommend checking the plugin’s documentation. Example,

  2. They are standard widgets came from Wordpress itself, please check this

  3. Sure, please add this CSS to Theme Options > CSS

.x-recent-posts .h-recent-posts, .x-recent-posts .x-recent-posts-date {
    overflow: visible;
    white-space: normal;
  1. Yes, it’s what you already using “recent posts element”, it has category option where you can filter the display. (under Filter by Category). Though, there is no option for tag.

  2. Demos shouldn’t require child theme, and if you’re adding your customization within Theme Options and Builder’s CSS then it doesn’t require child theme as well. The child theme is only a requirement if you’ll do some template and function customization, or if you wish to use style.css for customization. But yes, I personally recommend installing child theme so it’s ready anytime :slight_smile:

And you’re most welcome, glad we could always help :wink:


Thanks for your help!

Point 2:

I tried to use the plugin suggested (I know nothing about CSS) and added my CSS but apparently, they are not correct as they don’t show any change.

This is what I put: (I just wanted to random change the color)

What am I doing wrong?

Also for the carousel, I tried to go in the theme options and Ethos to select “featured” but I don’t know how to make a post “featured” so that I can select only those for the carousel.

I go in here to try and change the carousel to “featured” because I don’t want a whole category to show up but only pick my articles as I want.

And for the blog slide… the same thing, So I guess I need to figure out how to make a blog post featured.

Point 4, I tried and somehow it doesn’t work as expected. I have 3 articles under “benessere corpo” category so I added this shortcode: [recent_posts count=“3” orientation=“horizontal” category=“BENESSERE-CORPO”]

This is the screenshot:

And this is what I see on the website in preview mode (only one instead of 3 and I’m 100% sure I have 3 under that category)

Point 5

I have no idea on how to proceed unfortunately. I didn’t use the Demo and I think I remember that when I did with my other website they already had the child theme and recommended to upload it and so I did. Now I’m totally lost.

Thanks again!

Hi Clelia ,

Point 2:

You only need to add the class on that field and not the css code.

Then add your css code in Theme Options > CSS

.cerca-sul-sito {

To mke a blog post featured, when editing your post, scroll down to ethos post settings and check the corresponding settings

Point 4:

Can you try using the recent post element instead

Can you provide us a screenshot of your category page

Point 5:

You can follow our guide below in setting up a child theme


Thank you Paul!

Ok, so I solved almost all the issues so far :slight_smile: Let’s see what doubts /issues I still have

Point 2: It “half Worked”. Indeed now I get how I should place the CSS, but in my specific case, the result was a bit off. I wanted to either have the color inside the “box” or remove the box and just leave the rectangular “header” with the title colored. The Categorie title should be the one to be colored, not the rest. Just the titles.

I got this Instead, surely there is some CSS command I don’t know to try the 2 options I mentioned above and see which one looks best… any advice? What CSS should I add to the one I have already placed?

Regarding the related posts (by category is totally fine) I solved the issue as you explained and now it is working properly. Only one question, is there a shortcode for that so that I don’t have to put the whole thing manually every time? (Including the grey lines/gaps and the custom header I added?)
It should look like this:

Not sure if it’s possible with a shortcode, maybe with the global blocks?I’ve never used those or even cornerstone on my other websites (always Visual composer) so I’ll have to learn of course, but maybe that’s a solution to avoid doing some boxes manually every time?

CHILD THEME: I added it, thanks! I have a question… now that I have that, what happens to the CSS I added to the Pro Theme? Should I move them to this Child theme? No idea on how to proceed but I don’t want to bother you at the next update if I lose all the layout edits :slight_smile:

I have a couple of little things I also wanted to ask:

  1. The carousel looks beautiful but as for the recent posts, you can’t read the whole title in the lower bar. Is it possible to change it and/or change the text when you hover on it (where it shows the author’s name, category etc?) Maybe I could put the full Title there?

I’m referring to this:

  1. I was trying different settings for the menu but in between using the header from Pro, the normal header, the Uber Menu and the global settings I got so confused that I don’t know how to add some space to this logo (the one that’s in every article). The one in the main page is OK this one with the carousel is a bit too close to the other elements making it very “messy”, where was the tab to modify that?

There are also still things in English like in the blog slide it says “view post” or under the “cerca sul sito” there is the field with “search” and on each post there is “leave a comment”. Things like that.

How can I change those? I understand the buttons, I just need to edit them but the theme default things? I still don’t want to use the WPML for now even if it’s installed.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hello Clelia,

Do you want something like this?

If that is the case, please remove this css:

.cerca-sul-sito {
    background-color: #C8FAA6;

.categorie {
    background-color: #C8FAA6;

And use this custom css instead:

.x-sidebar .widget .h-widget{
    background-color: #C8FAA6;

And if you want to remove the box, then you can use this:

.x-sidebar .widget .h-widget{
    background-color: #C8FAA6;
    border: none;

For the related posts: Recent post element is used to display the recent posts and not the relaeted items of the current posts. Since you are using recent posts element shortcode in displaying related items, you will have to do it manually.

1.) To display the full title, please use this:

.h-entry-cover {
    top: calc(100% - 6em);

.h-entry-cover span {
    overflow: visible;
    white-space: normal;

2.) To adjust the spacing above and below your logo, please go to Pro > Theme Options > Header > Logo and Navigation and set the “Logobar Top Spacing” and the “Logobar Bottom Spacing”.

3.) Those keywords that need to be translated can be found in the pro.pot file. If you do not use WPML, you will have to translate your site using the language file. For more details about how you can properly translate the Pro theme, please check this out:

We would love to know if this has worked for you. Thank you.

Thank you so much, I solved almost everything. I played with some more CSS and adding to yours I was also able to make more changes.

For the related posts (I know I use the recent posts with categories so no shortcode available as I guessed), but what about the global blocks? Not a chance with them?

Regarding the Child theme, what should I do with the CSS I’madding now? Do I need to take any action? I put the child theme after I added a few CSS in the theme option (Pro Theme, not the child theme) so I’m worried im gonna lose them after the next update.

I have some few questions as I found out there are a couple of issues in the mobile version.

  1. The menu for the home page I’ve created below the image isn’t showing properly on mobile. This is what I see:

While for the other menu bar in the normal headers, the menu shows perfectly on mobile. Like this:

What is wrong with the one I created with the header builder? How can I fix it?

  1. Another Issue is the Logo on the home page (header builder) is super small on mobile, so small that you can barely see it. Did I set it up in the wrong way? In the other headers (not built with the header builder) they are totally fine. Below the super small logo on the home page:

3)Another strange thing on the mobile version: The secondary menu inside the header (“Su Di Me” “lavora con me”) is totally different and in English. I like the colors of the English version but I have no idea why it doesn’t pick up the Italian version?)

  1. In the blog, I remember that there was an option (not sure if it’s available anymore) But there was a filter on top, by categories and people could choose to filter by category. I just checked on my second website where I had implemented this cool feature, but it’s not there anymore and I can’t remember if I deleted it or you guys changed something.

Below this slide on the blog page there were all the categories and people could click on the one they wanted.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Clelia,

Both recent posts element and global block element has shortcode, example, if you create a global block, it has a corresponding shortcode you can copy

Then this for recent post shortcode

No need to move your CSS from Theme Options to the child theme, it should be okay since it’s saved in database.

  1. It’s due to 100px padding and 50px margin you have added to the container. Please remove it , or just add another container for mobile without those spaces. You can then utilize the Hide During Breakpoint option under the Container’s Customize section to hide your specific container for each device.

More information here

Plus, it’s a different menu that just a dropdown, dropdown don’t need a wider container since it’s just a toggle.

  1. Since you have applied a 25vw max width then yes, it would only take 25% of your device screen. Please try removing that max-width through your logo’s setting. Or similar to #1, please add two logo with different setting and hide each from specific devices.

  2. I don’t see “Su Di Me” on mobile view, even on your screenshot. Would you mind providing a video recording? It’s only visible on desktop view.

  3. I just tried it and it works well on my end even with active Pro header. Would you mind starting a new thread about this and provide the login credentials in the secure note? It’s best if we can discuss one issue per thread so we could easily track them :slight_smile: