Issue with Cornerstone in Pro and Main Menu

Hi, Thanks for the info and help.


  1. For the child theme all good then.

  2. For the global block given that it’s also a shortcode I can’t use it and I will have to do everything manually for the related posts part.

  3. The menu all messed up on mobile. I’ve tried. EVERYTHING I could think of (also removing the padding and margin as you suggested, trying to add a dropdown menu only visible on mobiles in the same bar, modal content only visible on mobile, you name it… nothing worked).

I think I need help with this like a step by step actions to have a toggle with the menu (like the one in the header, only with white background and keeping the Uber menu settings/colors). Or just have the same effect I have on the normal headers menu bar in the rest of the website. I have no idea how to do either of those. I’ve been trying for 2 hours. And I couldn’t find a responsive container (i’ve read all the documentation about the hide to break point)

  1. Image too small on mobile : Same with the image. I followed your instructions and I’m not sure on what I need to do. I tried to add another one bigger, close to the first (and hide it from the bigger screens) but even if it’s png i got a white horrible background, no idea why as the settings are the same as the other. Go figure.

  2. Menu in the header on mobile: Yes you don’t see the Italian version, that’s why I put the screenshot. Being an italian website, everything should be in Italian but I can’t see it on the mobile version even if I changed the names on the menu. That’s exactly why I was asking for help as I don’t understand why we still see the English words in the mobile version.

  3. I will open a new ticket as soon as I solve this Menu and Image issue, they are more important for now

Tanks a lot!

Hello @klelietta,

You are using UberMenu. Please make sure to hide the UberMenu in smaller screens and use navigation collapse or navigation modal element. If you can set your ubermenu to display nicely in a smaller screen, then that would be a good idea too.

All other of your issues should be posted in a new thread to avoid getting off topic and create confusion in this thread. For now, we’ll just focus on the menu.

Please let us know how it goes.


As explained already, I have tried everything and it’s the first time I’m using Pro combined with the page builder so I asked if you could tell me exactly what the step by step process is to solve the issue on mobile.

I tried for hours before asking your help but to no avail. I don’t know what smaller screens are, I’ve also tried navigation collapse and modal and nothing changed.

I gave you the credentials as I think it would be super quick for you to do that or to give me a step by step plan to reach that goal and understand the process for creating new headers (for mobile as well) if needed. At this moment is all very complicated if you are not a developer.

Thanks for your understanding

Hi Clelia,

You already did it, but please let us discuss one issue at a time for each thread. For now, let’s tackle #1, #2, #3 (from my previous reply).

  1. It works, you have removed 100px and 50px and it works, but since there is no further information of what’s not working properly on mobile and the width is already fixed, then I assume you’re referring to height. Please set th header bar’s height to auto

  1. It’s now bigger, but not much since the header width is narrow and divided.

You can’t have the image larger than its container, the solution would be placing your logo to its own container, on top of the menu and search. And similar, use Hide During Breakpoints feature and since you’re already familiar with this feature then I’ll skip providing the steps how to do it :slight_smile:

  1. I thought it’s intentional since you already utilized the Hide During Breakpoints feature. It’s not displaying on mobile since they are different menu element displayed for reach device. If that’s the case, just display the same menu on all devices :slight_smile:

As you can see from the screenshot, you assigned different menus. And utilized the Hide During Breakpoints

I just thought you’re expecting to see the same text to a different menu that you have intentionally added, which isn’t gonna work since they are different.



so for the first point, I solved it (only partially)

It looks ok if you open the menu and DO NOT SCROLL down.

It looks like this:

If you do scroll down, it’s ok up until the “lavoro” category and then I have the same issue for the rest of the menu.

For the rest of the points, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I didn’t do anything by myself. I used a demo header and played with it so all the hide after break point and all the other stuff is not done by me, hence my immense confusion.

I am trying to understand but these “issues” are part of the demo I’ve used, and I find it very difficult to learn these things in 2 days… hence why I asked you if you could give me a step by step plan of action. Otherwise I am going to mess around with the dozens of option, ruining even the things that were right.

Another thing inherited from the demo… if you search something on desktop from the search field in the header is ok, if you go to the mobile version and click, it says "search for an expedition (it was a demo for travel or something).

So I’m trying to do my best, I just want to finish this Menu issue and maybe if I could have more documentation to read it would be great. I can’t even create a full width content element within a full width bar… (that’s for another ticket for sure)

Thank you

Hi Clelia,

I see, sorry to hear that. And yes, 2 days wouldn’t be enough and I’ve been there. If you wish to check existing features and functions then you may also check our knowledge base. And I recommend creating a copy of your site where you can mess with and do some trial and error for the options. I personally do that when I’m studying some features, the experience is the best teacher, at least for me :wink:

As for that issue, please turn off the Sticky option as well, that’s meant to overlap the header and content.

May I know which demo you’re currently referring? But yes, most of them uses Hide During Breakpoints since not all content displays fine to all devices.


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