Is there a way to easily make a Superfly menu appear on one page only?


I have a superfly menu that really must appear on one page only. Is there an easy way to achieve this?

Superfly itself only has the option of activating the page on which it should appear. But as pages get added, this means i have to manually uncheck new pages.

I can off course use CSS to hide on all pages except one, but if there is a better way, i would prefer that.

Kind regards, Tristan

Hello Tristan,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to use custom CSS option. Prefix the CSS selector with the page ID and use CSS display none to hide the Superfly menu on all page except for one. Here’s relevant resources that you can take a look to get started.


Ok, thanks.

Just as a heads up: Turns out that the CSS to do this does NOT work when added through the customizer. It only works when added to the ‘advanced’ section in Superfly.

Hi again,

Instead of using custom CSS, use native solution, navigate to Superfly Settings > General display rules > Hide on checked pages and select the pages to hide the menu (see screenshot)

To learn more please visit and see Display Rules section.


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