Image and post text not spanning full column


How do i get the post image and text to span the full width of column 1 like on the demo?

Like on my other site:

Tim Brennan

Hi Tim,

To do that, please edit the post then go to the Ethos Post Setting then enable the Index Featured Post Layout option.

Hope this helps.

Where do i find this setting? Not seeing it in under theme options?

I need to be able to adjust this globally? Where can i do that? Possible to fix with CSS?

Actually when i made that change it completely removed the text under the image for my first post and it didn’t fix the formatting.

I basically want it look like the Ethos demo. And span the full width. Both text and image .See Samuel Jackson post at top of my home page

Hello Tim,

The option can be found in the Ethos Post Settings. Please be informed that Ethos stack is unique and has it’s own set of options. Please check out this knowledge base articles:

Hope this helps.

I tried this every which way and nothing is working. Both sites still look the same. Please see my original question and provide step by step instructions to guide me. I suspect that there is a conflict that will need to be fixed with global CSS. I am running the Pro Theme on this site.

Hi Tim,

Yes, I understand your issue, please add this to Theme Options > CSS

.blog .x-main .hentry.has-post-thumbnail>.entry-wrap, .search .x-main .hentry.has-post-thumbnail>.entry-wrap, .archive .x-main .hentry.has-post-thumbnail>.entry-wrap {
	width: 100%;
    padding-left: 0;

I think this issue has something to do with your customization because as you can see on your featured posts [Samuel L. Jackson] the title and meta have been duplicated which it should not. Please audit your customization and address this issue.


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