How to force cornerstone 767px breakpoint to show two columns content as in 480px

Having difficulty in aligning of two column content. one column is headline and neighbouring column is an image. responsive setting of 767px in cornerstone pushes text and image columns to stay in the designed two column view. I need 767px to show content of two columns stacked up as in 480px view.

Hello @VitaliKon,

Thanks for the very detailed post information. You will have to remove the paddings of the Text element or column that has the Text element so that it will be aligned with the image above it. If this does not help, please provide us with WP access so we can check your element settings. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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There is not padding applied to text, columns or image. Padding applied to the whole section but disable did not fix anything. details are in secure note.

Hello @VitaliKon,

You are using margins on the Headline and Text element. Please remove those left and right margins. What you can do is to use left and right paddings for your Column element instead. It would be much easier to adjust and use Responsive Styling. If you are not familiar with Responsive Styling, please check this out:

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I checked this and disabled margins and enabled padding to no affect whatsoever. I went to this document, I looked it up before posting my trouble here. The doco doesnt talk about column responsive settings. I asked you to show me how 767px view can be forced to show two columns stuck up one above other. Are you able to show me where transition is controlled to do so? I need 767px view behaved as 480px view.

Hi @VitaliKon,

I have checked the problem through the Page Builder, and I suggest you set the Row template to the Single column for the specific viewport.

Hope it helps.

yeah that what I was after. I knew there is an option but could not do it.

thanks mate.

Hi @VitaliKon,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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