How i do Headlines clickable?

How can i fix it so my headline is clickable (linked to other pages) with the same color as my current headline

Hey Hans,

Whether you’re using a V2 Headline, a Classic Headline or any text element, you’ll need to wrap the text with an anchor tag like this:

If you’re not using an element, please disable the under construction mode in your site and give us the page URL so we could see what the headline is made of and so we could give you the right advice.


A secure note for login?

Hey Hans,

Yes, you may also post the login details in a Secure Note so that we can check it.

Thank you.

i have added a secure note in my first post in this thread

Hey Hans,

You’re using a Headline element so the instruction in my previous reply applies.

It’s still good that you gave us access though because it enabled me to see that your setup is incorrect and that is you wrapped your text with another heading tag. Remove the h3 heading tag and replace it with an anchor tag like my previous screenshots. If you want to learn more about the Anchor Tag, please see

You also shouldn’t be wrapping your text with a heading tag or any block level tags because it’s already wrapped by a tag that is set in the Headline options.

Hope that helps.

Are these codes a CSS code?

Hey Hans,

No, those are HTML codes.

If you want to read more about it, please check it here:

Hope this helps.

Where can i find that HTML codepanel? I added a classic headline and then i wrote this code in the class section:

Web Development

the text is clickable now and it works, but when i am holding my mouse over the text the text disappear:

Can i change the color in the style section?

Hey Hans,

It’s because your Site Links color is white. Change the color in Theme Options > Typography > Site Links.

If you want more styling options, you might want to opt to use a Button Element instead. For more details, please see

Hope that helps.

i used Buttons instead of headlines, this is the result:

Now when that is fixed, a new problem have emerged when i am looking how my page looks, these columns are not there in the editor only when you click on :

New Problem

how do i remove those columns i have circled?

Hi Hans,

I have checked the page builder area for the homepage through Pro > Edit Page and from the admin area and I am seeing the columns with the buttons you have just added:

Kindly try to clear your browser cache then check again.

You have added these links in the menus so you will have to remove them from there:

Choose the menu then click Select.

The menu items should then be listed:

Click remove then save the menu.

Hope this helps.

Thank you it worked.

on to the next thing, and that is how can i make this work on my site?

And how do i fix this?

Hi Hans,

You will have to assign an ID to the section where you want the link to go.

For example you want to link to the the Web Development page’s Custom Website Development From Scratch.

Edit the section setting of the Custom Website Development From Scratch then assign an ID to it:

Assuming that the ID you assigned to the section is web-dev-from-scratch, go to the menu settings and add a new menu as a Custom Link then set the URL as

The first part of the URL is the link to the actual page where the section you want to link to is: then append the ID of the section prepended by #.

Hope this helps.

Just to be clear, that also helps the link to go directly to the topic in question, lets say that i click on Custom Website Development From Scratch , and then after i have clicked i come to the site like this;

So it doesnt include the top of the page, but i can always scroll up to the top if i want to

Hi Hans,

Yes, that should be the expected outcome of the previous suggestion I have made so kindly follow carefully the step by step guide given.

Let us know how it goes.

i have setup all Custom Links, i do not understand how i use The ID thing, what should i put in that box?

also i need some help with my footer for my laptop and ipad setup, how do i move this?

Hello Hans,

Thanks for updating the thread.

In the ID field you need to enter a name and that will be considered as the ID of section. To learn more about ID, please take a look at following resource.

Regarding the second question, please open footer builder. Inspect Bar and under Flex Layout, select Wrap Children.

Let us know how it goes.


it worked with wrap children but i got a second problem:

Also i do not get that ID box, should i go with something like this? #Custom Web Design or is it something else?

Hi Hilmer,

This thread is getting longer and longer and it is hard for us to maintain all the back and forth. Would you please kindly open up new threads for your new questions? This will help us to maintain the threads and give you a better service and also it will help our other customers to find a solution if they have the same question as you.

So, let’s help you with the footer in a new thread which you will open up.

Regarding the ID:

Please make sure that the ID be all lowercase and there should be no spaces. So the ID for your case should be customwebdesign which you should add into the ID option of the Section as my colleague described.

Whenever you want to link to that section with the ID, you need to add something like this for the link:


The # tells the browser to go to the section with the customwebdesign ID.

As you seem to be getting started with such stuff I strongly suggest that you first study up our theme documentation here.

Thank you for your understanding.